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Member Since 19 Nov 2011
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In Topic: Gluten Free Cosmetics

12 February 2012 - 05:27 PM

I just discovered a 100% gluten free line this weekend- Afterglow cosmetics. The founder has family members with Celiac Disease. I ordered some lipgloss last night and am anxious to see if I like it. You should look at their website.

In Topic: I'm Done With Amy's

10 February 2012 - 05:14 AM

I've been eating Amy's gluten-free enchiladas for a couple of weeks without any problems. However, I'm pretty sure I was "glutened" earlier this week. The only thing I can point to is the Amy's I had for lunch. I've only been gluten-free for about 4 months so am still getting use to what is normal and what is not. I'm wondering if I am being paranoid. My symptoms weren't severe- a little bloated and extreme fatigue. Then a few days later some mild stomach problems. How can I know for sure when I've been glutened? Is there some kind of test that I can do? Or would I know for sure?

In Topic: Soft Drinks

09 December 2011 - 05:06 AM

rewham, once you go gluten-free, the healing process begins. It takes time. Depending on the length of time your body was being damaged, the degree of damage sustained, and your age, it can take as much as three years. During that time, your damaged digestive system may react to almost anything, whether it has gluten or not. I reacted more than once to plain white rice, with extreme digestive symptoms (you don't really want to know the details).

Most dark soft drinks contain phosphoric acid, which can be a challenge to even a healthy system. Caffeine is another potential irritant. Neither have anything to do with gluten.

Thank you- that is so good to know. I thought that I was going crazy. I'm going to give up soft drinks for awhile and see how it goes. I'm going to have to also learn to be a little more patient. ~sigh~

In Topic: Soft Drinks

08 December 2011 - 04:57 PM

I was a hardcore pepsi max drinker! I left all that behind to be bloat free! It was difficult to do so, but I've gone free on many things to be pain and bloat free! It's gluten-free and if you can drink, enjoy!

So did the Pepsi Max actually cause pain or just bloating? I live on Coke One and/or Pepsi Max (depending on which is on sale). After being diagnosed with Celiac about 6 weeks ago, I went gluten (but NOT soft drink) free and the pain and most of the bloating I had been experiencing disappeared. Recently it has come back. I've made no change to my diet and can't figure out why. The only thing that I have had that it could possibly be is Pepsi Max. But would I just now be reacting to it? And would it mimic a gluten reaction? Perhaps my body has just reached a saturation point- and is too weak to tolerate it anymore?

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