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In Topic: Gluten Free, Don't Really Like Meat.... Hashi's Sufferer And Need To...

18 November 2012 - 11:49 AM

Hi Kim,

I am pretty low carb but definitely not a vegetarian. I did that game for 5 years tho but no more.

Some vegetarians tend to eat a lot of soy, which is terrible stuff for human beings. Soy is not a good sub for meat.

Are you sure your thyroid situation is under control? If you aren't getting enough thyroid hormone it can be harder to lose weight. Shoot, losing weight is hard enuff anyway. Some people with celiac do gain weight instead of losing it, about 20% do gain weight. Also, swelling (edema) can cause temporary weight gain.

If you are deficient in some vitamins/minerals due to malabsorbtion your body may signal you eat to eat more food in an attempt to get enough of those missing nutrients. But if you can't properly absorb the nutrients due to celiac damage in the gut it doesn't work. Basically you end up with a starving, overweight body.

The way to fix that issue is to heal the gut with a healthy whole foods diet. Lots of protein (from meat) can help as it provides fats and whole proteins your body needs to heal itself. Some vitamins are fat soluble so you need to have fats in your diet to absorb them. Celiacs tend to have low cholesterol in their blood from not being able to absorb fats due to gut damage (blunted villi).

Probiotics and digestive enzymes can help with digestion and you should take them every day for a while.
also avoid dairy and alcohol for a while.

If you are new to the gluten-free diet, you may find it kind of rough at first as your body adapts. You may also find yourself getting more hungry for a period of time as your body starts to heal and needs more nutrients to build tissue. Starving it during the healing process is not helpful. Sugars and carbs are not what you need to eat tho. Try to get your calories from meats and veggies instead. And only whole foods, not processed foods.

Well, lots of ideas for you to think about, I hope something in all this will help you. Celiac disease recovery is a journey, and we start with one step at a time. It may take months or years to get better, but it can happen if you stick with it.

By the way, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis is one of the many autoimmune diseases associated with celiac disease. There are several members on the forum with Hasihimoto's.

Welcome to the site, we are glad to have you here! :)

They monitor me pretty close... I get blood work every 3 - 4 months.. They don't look at my TSH anymore now the watch my antibody level, t4 and t3 and free's. I have had doctors tell me blood work is great.. here take this anti-depressant I keep telling them I am NOT DEPRESSED. I feel like CRAP and I am alway TIRED!

Here's a perfect example.. Today I took DD Christmas Shopping... we left at 11 and here it is 2:45 and I think I need a nap but I still have so much more to do before I can rest.... Housework, ironing etc and ALL I want to do it sit on the couch and not move.. this is REALLY tough because my 12 yr old is bowl full of energy and today she is even sick but she wants to decorate the house... not going to happen...


In Topic: Gluten Free, Don't Really Like Meat.... Hashi's Sufferer And Need To...

18 November 2012 - 11:45 AM

I think this is one of those issues where you need to just buckle down and eat the meat.

At any rate, what is your vitamin situation? Are you difficiant in anything? Are you taking anything?

I have had soooo Many blood tests done and I never come up defiecint on anything..... The even tested me for sleep apnea because they just can't figure me out... This last doctor wanted to put me on a drug that is for people that have Narcolepsy... I am so over doctors telling me random things.. I just want to get better and feel better!

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