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Member Since 28 Nov 2011
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Heart Palpitations...

29 December 2011 - 05:42 PM

I've been gluten-free--essentially with a few potential CC incidents--for almost 5 weeks. The first 10 days or so I felt better--overall, but this past week has been awful; heart palpitations, fatigue, chills, brain fog, depression.

Anyone feel worse before they felt better?

Do Not Trust Anyone!

27 December 2011 - 12:59 PM

I was at my brother's for Christmas weekend and his well-meaning wife told me that Bugles corn chips were gluten-free. As her father has been gluten-free for over a decade and she is familiar with gluten-free lifestyle, I trusted her. She even made me Betty Crocker gluten-free brownies.

So I just went grocery shopping and picked up a bag of Bugles at the store to read the ingredients and....NOOOOOOO!! They contain wheat flour. So all week long I did not eat all of the gluten filled goodies only to eat stupid Bugles and be glutened!!!

Lesson: Do not eat anything that I don't personally read the ingredients.


27 December 2011 - 08:27 AM


If someone is not celiac, or gluten-sensitive or intolerant, and goes off of gluten for a month and then eats gluten and has a reaction, is that indicative of some level of intolerance? Or would a 'normal' person have a reaction just due to the reintroduction of a different type of food?

I am in the process of self-diagnosis...don't have good health insurance nor the income to support co-pays. Two years ago I went gluten-free for about 9 months and then went on vacation and ate gluten...convincing myself I didn't have an issue. After the gluten-filled meal I awoke in the middle of the night with horrible stomach cramps and GI problems. I went gluten-free again for two months and then gave up.

Now I am gluten-free for a month. I think I feel a little better but I'm just not sure. I guess my question is...would a normal person have a reaction after a period of abstinence? Or just someone with intolerance/sensitivity or celiac?

Sick Of The Same Old Foods?

18 December 2011 - 08:27 AM

I know I am and I've only been gluten-free for three weeks...however, I've followed a low-carb diet for over a year. This website has loads of ideas and while it is a low-carb website, many of the recipes can be easily altered to be gluten-free. If nothing else it can give you a few ideas...


Healing More Than The Body...

17 December 2011 - 07:09 AM

Like many, I have had a complicated, difficult, but also glorious life.

At 16, I had my first drink of alcohol--stealing into my parent's stash for a shot of liquid courage before a park dance. Within a year I was drinking every weekend, smoking cigarettes (and other dried organic products), and starting down a path of addiction which included bouts with anorexia.

When people ask me how old I am today, I laugh and tell them I'm only 40 because I don't remember my 20s. I have a strong self-depricating sense of humor. By the age of 34, after seeing my boyfriend lying in a hospital bed for 6 weeks in a coma dying from alcohol poisoning, I got sober. He got sober too--for awhile and so I married him. Unfortunately, his sobriety was fleeting and over the course of our 11 year marriage he was in and out of alcohol treatment facilities five different times.

Long, long story short--I left my dear, much loved husband and within two years he was dead from alcoholism at the age of 54. I pulled myself through this gut-wrenching guilt and the wreckage of our marriage, and from the bankruptcy and home foreclosure that went with it. Unfortunately, I didn't do it sober. In my denial, after 10 years of sobriety, I decided I could drink like a 'normal person' and over the course of four years almost killed myself with a deadly combination of alcohol and narcotic pain pills prescribed while I was dealing with hip replacements.

I finally got clean--again--and have been now for almost 16 months. It hasn't been easy, but then what good things in life are?

Why am I telling this story? I read so many threads filled with frustration and anger over having to give up all of the lovely gluten-laced foods that we've come to love. And the angst over compromised social activities...and on and on. And all of this is completely understandable and justified!! But I can't help but draw parallels--not between the two diseases, but the recovery process.

I don't completely subscribe to all of AA's principle or the 12 Steps--that discussion is for another forum. However, the first step of any 12-Step program is a form of acceptance and admitting that we couldn't fix the problem. As celiacs or gluten-sensitives or whatever--there is nothing we can do to fix that. There is no cure that will once again allow us to eat gluten like normal people. We just have to accept that. And for those of us not formally diagnosed, like alcoholism, we wrestle with, "are we or are we not?". And while the second step in the process refers to restoring a level of sanity and that may (or may not?!) be a little strong--it also refers to looking towards a Power greater than ourselves for help. Recovery from any disease is so much more than healing the body.

Wow. I didn't mean for this post to be son long! I just thought that a little perspective or another way of looking at things might help some. And if you're at a holiday gathering over the next few weeks and can't have some of those tempting treats--enjoy your glass of wine and think of me drinking my diet-Pepsi...that is gluten-free?? ;) ;) ;)

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