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Member Since 05 Dec 2011
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#760648 Possible Celiac And Probable Pregnancy

Posted by on 29 December 2011 - 04:38 PM

I am going to jump in here because I am the queen of pregnancy tests. I had five miscarriages and secondary infertility so I know the ropes. So I have some questions for you:

1) what day of your cycle are you? In other words, are you testing before your period is due?
2) What brand of pregnancy test are you using? Some of those tests are WAY more sensitive than the urine dips in the doctor's office.

Wait a few days and test again. If you are still getting a positive one week from now call the docs office and tell them what is going on and ask for a beta HCG test.
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#760502 Yet Another Doctor's Opinion

Posted by on 29 December 2011 - 08:05 AM

Nora_n, we lived in Europe for two years and the docs wanted to investigate her short stature but we were moving back to the States and I didn't want to start something there I couldn't finish. Such a bummer. I thought it would be easier here. NOPE.

Holy Gluten Batman
So we went on gluten yesterday in hopes that we hear from the GI about scoping her. I didn't say anything to J as I watched her have severe stomach aches, grumpiness and tantrums. I was hoping she would come to the conclusion herself. Well she did. By 6pm she was super tired and felt horrible. She said "I am mad for no reason, I am tired and I have a horrible stomach ache and sharp pains in my stomach and I think it is the gluten". It was amazing. My hubs said he thinks I am on to something! hahaha yup.

J said she wants to stay on gluten to see if we get the test because she wants to know what this is. I tried to let her know that most likely she is NCGI and that they probably wouldn't see anything so if she wants to go back off gluten we can. But she wasn't listening because she was in a gluten cloud of anger and anxiety!!!!! We will see what she ends up doing but I saw it with my own eyes everyone!

I have to say that maybe this was fate because when we go back to that GI in Feb she will tell her what this experience was like. I think I will have her write a paragraph on what it was like to be happy for the last week and comfortable to absolutely miserable.

I was tired too and nauseated too. J asked if I would go gluten free with her for life and I said "YOU BET!".

AHHHHH. so I am going to pay for the enterolab because I think she is NCGI and maybe seeing in writing that she is gluten sensitive will help her (assuming that is what comes back) but the real proof is in how she feels! I know my little girl is on the road to health as soon as she decides it's time.

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#760136 Yet Another Doctor's Opinion

Posted by on 27 December 2011 - 07:33 PM

My daughter said she has been faking feeling better. Lovely
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#760092 Yet Another Doctor's Opinion

Posted by on 27 December 2011 - 04:05 PM

That was also my families experience. I was given handfuls of PPIs and told to just see which ones worked. After a couple weeks gluten-free I knew they were not needed. My DD only had Gerd and vomiting as far as her GI symptoms were concerned and both also resolved after she went gluten free without the aid of the Prilosec the doctor prescribed her.

This is exactly what i wanted to do. If gluten-free resolved it, big smiles all around. If not, then we would have to resort to prilosec I suppose. I can tell you that even after two weeks of being gluten free, she was better by the second week. Better attitude (maybe she felt like she had some control over how she felt!), less stomach pain and less gas. Her friends often tease her about her gas issues but oddly, I haven't heard any of that lately and Family TV time has been less smelly! :P
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