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Topics I've Started

Fletcher's Honeybaked Ham

21 February 2013 - 08:46 PM

Does anyone have experience with this product?  I found on their facebook page they say it is not "certified gluten free".  But the ingredients don't say anything about gluten.  Only thing I wonder about is it says "wrapped in edible collagen".  Is that something to be worried about?

Food Nutritionist Or Naturopathic Doctor In Western Or?

29 January 2013 - 09:11 PM

I'm looking for a doctor who specializes in food allergies. Gluten intolerance runs in my family along with many other food intolerances. My daughter also has mild autism and we're looking for someone to guide us in her nutritional needs. I've been seeing a naturopathic doctor, but he's expensive and requires me to pay for another doctor's visit to get any test results. Is that normal for naturopaths?

Gluten Intolerance Post Partum, Now Concerned With Getting Pregnant

23 January 2013 - 07:32 PM

I'm 37, had 4 successful pregnancies and never had any food intolerances up until post partum of my 4th baby. After the 4th, my blood pressure climbed and stayed high, I had severe insomnia, migraines, panic attacks, irregular heart beats, increased heart rate, depression and anxiety. None of which I had ever had in my life (other than my blood pressure climbing moderately at the very end of each pregnancy). Within a month of the symptoms, I went gluten free (since gluten intolerance runs in my family) and was also tested to find out I was now off the charts sensitive for the gluten! I had post partum induced gluten intolerance. It took 2 years to get healthy again. I'm still gluten free and am also sensitive to many other foods other than whole foods such veggies, fruits and meats.

So now, we have thought about getting pregnant again, but I'm nervous about it. My OB/GYN is not fond of the idea because of my age and my severe post partum symptoms after the last baby. My Naturopathic Dr sees no problem and thinks the symptoms were only caused by onset of gluten intolerance.

Anyone have this experience with post partum induced symptoms? And if so did you have more babies after and how did your body take it now being gluten free?

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