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Celiac Maniac

Member Since 09 Dec 2011
Offline Last Active Dec 14 2011 08:00 AM

#755375 Traveling And Need Help

Posted by on 09 December 2011 - 06:17 PM

I am so frustrated. I am traveling away from home. Generally bring food but yesterday was exhausted and unprepared, also starved so ordered Wendy's baked potato with cheese and brocolli. Also decaf coffee.
After that, my friend offered me a stick of (I think) Carefree chewing gum.

I immediately almost collapsed from exhaustion after the meal and have been up all night with SEVERE gas and flatulence. Just miserable.

I read online that Wendy's potatoes with cheese is safe. Anyone else have this experience with this type of food from there? Not sure about the chewing gum, which I never chew and didn't think about it....haven't been glutened in a long time and so I was not as vigilant as I needed to be. I'm just miserable today...no way to spend a vacation. So frustrated.

Hey Waking Up:

Email me via my profile with your email address.

I'm just finishing writing an ebook with info on what to eat gluten-free at 60 chain restaurants and other local ones. I can email you a free e-copy so you know what to eat while you're traveling.

I travel a lot for business, and I noticed that I had a bunch of lists of stuff I could eat at various chain restaurants, so I compiled and added to it to make an ebook. It's not published yet, but I can run it thru the Meatgrinder to send you whatever file format you can use. If you have a kindle or a nook, I can send you that. If you have a smartphone, you can download an app for kindle or BN.com. If you have a laptop, I have a PDF.

Yes, the baked potatoes at Wendy's should be gluten-free. I've eaten a lot of potatoes there. The chili is gluten-free, too. Some good salads, too.

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#755342 Did Your Partner Support You ..........

Posted by on 09 December 2011 - 03:28 PM

Personally, for me, it was easy.

I do most of the cooking and, since my DH is from Southern India, I just told him that we'd need to eat a lot more South Indian (rice-based) food, like pilafs, and dosas, and uttappam. He thought it was a great idea.

Yes, the commercial gluten-free foods are darned expensive. We eat a lot of rice, potatoes, corn tortillas, and cornbread for carbs. Proteins and fruit and veg are the same as they ever were.

As a matter of course, we avoid the commercial gluten-free foods. A lot of them are based either on white rice flour or one of the starches (tapioca, potato, etc.) That's just like spooning white sugar into your body.

A rice cooker is an excellent investment. Cooks brown rice beautifully.

TK Kenyon
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#755278 Am I Being Shoehorned / Misdiagnosed?

Posted by on 09 December 2011 - 12:24 PM

Blood work was just taken and went oer my biopsy results.
He said here is something causing my intestines not to break down and process food properly.


Hi Justin,

The biopsy results sound inconclusive and non-specific.

You can go gluten-free if you want to. It certainly won't hurt you. However, if your blood test comes back negative, you're not a celiac. Congratulations.

BTW, you may not lose weight on a gluten-free diet. I gained a couple pounds when I went gluten-free because my body suddenly started absorbing nutrients, but I lost 2 dress sizes because all that bloating when away.

I hope the best for you.

TK Kenyon
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#755271 Any One From Ct?

Posted by on 09 December 2011 - 12:17 PM

I'm in the SE corner. There are some real good gluten-free restaurants around here.

AJ's Restaurant in Ledyard/Groton
S&P Oyster House in Mystic
Bruna's Table in Westerly, RI

TK Kenyon
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