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Member Since 10 Dec 2011
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Positive Dq2 Test But I'm Already Gluten-Free. Would You Gluten Challenge Or Not?

17 July 2015 - 02:10 PM

I haven't posted here in a long time! Hello :)


Long story short - I had chronic fatigue syndrome for 6 years that completely resolved after going gluten-free. I still have a lot of issues with food sensitivities, feeling lousy pretty much every day, and chronic heartburn etc so something is still going on. While getting a full workup, I asked my doc if she wouldn't mind throwing a celiac gene test into the mix, as I've always wondered (and have a daughter now, so it matters more to me). 


So to my surprise I just found out that I am HLA DQ2 positive. My doc says that the result, paired with the fact that I know gluten makes me so ill, she thinks it's likely I have celiac, though there's no way to know for certain. She wants me to see a GI doc to take things further (though that may be for the chronic heartburn rather than the celiac angle, I'm not sure.


I am weighing what I think about all this and would love some input. Doing a gluten challenge would be hell and rough on my family too (they'll have to put up with me during that whole time!). I wonder if I'd be doing some real harm, in just chasing this diagnosis, that I'd then have to spend time recovering from, following the challenge. 


Anyone have any thoughts they'd care to share on this?




PS. In my situation, should I try to find a GI doc who's known for working with celiac patients, or will any GI doc do? (And, if I should find one who specializes - what's the best way to find one?)



Please Recommend Your Gluten-Free, Corn-Free, Dairy-Free Iron Supplement!

25 February 2015 - 03:44 PM

I am in desperate need of a good iron supplement asap, as the one I've been using is giving me brain fog and is therefore really suspect. I need it to be gluten-free, corn free and dairy free but something is amiss. Hoping to try a new brand (ideally sugar free too) and see how it goes.


It has to be a higher mg one - I need to take 150mg per day as I have anemia.


Fingers crossed that someone here can help!


Thanks :)



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