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Member Since 13 Dec 2011
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Topics I've Started

Looking For Rice Bread Recipe

03 September 2012 - 06:30 AM

Hey. I'm looking for a recipe for rice bread using brown rice flour and yeast.
I'm allergig to gluten and I'm intolerant to nightshade and corn.
So the recipe have to be without xanthan gum.
I don't know if I'm intolerent to guar gum, but I think so.
I'm probably also intolerant to legumes suchs as Black/white/brown beans and lentrils

I also got some rice protein powder I'd like use for increasing protein amount in the bread.
Egg and milk is not a problem. But I can't find any butter without corn in it.
I also got a milk product called Ymer.
It got 6.1g protein, 3.6g fat and 4.0g carbohydras per 100 gram.
It got a high amount of Lactic acid bacteria if that helps with raising the bread?

I wouldn't mind some sunflower seeds and/or sesame seeds in the bread
Mayby I can find some sunflower or sesame flour, but I don't remember seeing any.

I'm also interested in Amaranth and Quinoa bread recipes.

Citric Acid Problems

01 April 2012 - 02:25 PM

Hey, I think that I have Citric Acid intolerance along with my gluten intolerance. Atleast every time I eat something with Citric Acid in it my body goes bananas. My vision get blurred, eyes go dry, loose stools, incomplete bowel emtying, stomac pain, Interstitial Cystitis and my feets are killing me. It's like my body cannabalise my feets treat pads. Also my memory is very foggy, though I'm not sure if it's caursed by Citric Acid or something else.

Does anyone have a complete list of food with citric acid in it and/or a list with Citric Acid free food? What about a list with what procced foods contain Citric Acid? I read somewhere on thies borads that baby carrots is wassed in Citric Acid.

I inted to on a salad+meat diet adn see what happens.
I really need a good list as my ability to put a list together myself fromwhat I find on the net is next to zero. Stupid disease =(

Thank you in advance

..eh I should proberbly mention that I'm a almost 29 year old male and I'm kinda picky with what I eat

Should I Eat Gluten Before A Biopsy?

13 December 2011 - 08:50 AM

I'm a 28 year old man and sorry about my english. I'm Danish and my memmory does not work what so ever. I was actually diagnosed with schizophrenia in october 2004 and been on med for it since. I did stop with the meds some 4-5 months ago, as the side effect had become unendurable. Well, it started alread at the start of 2011, but no memmory, no attention span. All the symtomes that I've had in relation to schitzofrenia are gone now and only the dysfunctional memmory remains. I got some speaking problems also but I think it's because of the memmory problems. I might actually become normal again. /manic laugh

I've lost some 20kg/44lb through the last year. My Doctor have given up on me and (finaly) sent me to a hospital for an eksamination.
I know it's celiac because when i didn't know what was wrong, my body hurt like bloody hell. I read it might be celiac and stayed of gluten for a few weeks a got way better. I told it my Doctor who had me eat gluten for 2 weeks which caused me to feel hell again. Then I stopped eating gluten again and felt better again. The test were negative though and the Doctor won't listen to reason.

On the 21 December I am to give a stool sample and have another blodsample drawn.
For the stool sample. The hospital sent me a paper thing to strap on the toilet. The packet proberbly have instructions, but can anyone get me a walkthrough on what I'm supposed to do, just in case?

And does anyone know some good ways to eh... take a crap? I been very constipated the last week or 2. But the last 3-4 days my bowls have been very cranky and I've spent lots of time on my throne. I guess I've accedently eat some gluten. I'm already eating some magnesium pills with calsium and d3 in them. (and some udo's choice, sometimes an iron pill and offen a b vitamin pill with B1, B2, B3, B5, B6)

On the 5th of January, I will be exsamined in a hospital. I asume it will be a biopsy. Should I eat some gluten prior to the eksamination? I read that the villi regrow after a few days.

I'm leaking urin and my underware is yellow from urin. When i sit down it becomes very bad. There have be some periods where it disappered even though I was proberbly eating gluten at the time. Does anyone know what might cause it? I've noticed that B12 couses me to produce loads of urin, though there might be other factores.

Does anyone know lack of what nutrition that can course memmory problems?

When I walk it feel like I walk on the bone and it have been so for some 10 months. Now, when I grab some plates it feel like I'm grabbing them with the bones in my hands. Is it coused be a lak of some specific nutrient or is it because I lost so much weight?

I always had problems with the blodcirculation to my lower legs. If i sat down on my knees I would cut of the blod supply. Now it's become a problem with my left arm also. I think the iron pills fix it to some extend. But I don't really have a decent enough sample size. Is there an other a lack nutritions that my be the cause?

Thanks in advance.

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