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In Topic: Can Celiac Reaction Change From Diarrhea/bloating, To Dh?

06 May 2013 - 09:09 AM

Of it is DH, Dapsone may help reduce the rash in combination with a gluten-free diet. Bit it's wicked stuff...you'll need monitoring.

A good number of DH sufferers are iodine sensitive. I was successful at keeping my DH "down" by going gluten-free and low iodine (thyca.org diet) for 2 weeks - then adding iodine back slowly. Took about 2-3 months to be able to eat high iodine foods in abundance.

Iodine doesn't cause DH but it can trigger it.

Thanks.  My bloodtests came back that the doctor was running for other autoimmune disorders/diseases and it cam back negative.  So, I guess that's positive as it's not a lupus or another serious condition on top of Celiac.  I'm going with it's a form of DH.  Iodine - is that mainly salt?  I will have to google it to see what it's in.  8-)  I'm on predisone right now and it's helping clear it up.  Thanks for your feedback.  Really appreciate the positives and not negatives.  When we are at this stage, we're very sensitive as to what things can be so it helps to hear positive approaches to this and not so much negatives.  8-)

In Topic: Can Celiac Reaction Change From Diarrhea/bloating, To Dh?

04 May 2013 - 07:35 PM

Since I have been on this site I have read numerous posts from celiacs who had been gluten-free for years & then get accidentally glutened & they  do NOT get the GI issues but instead get dh. So to answer your question --- YES! It can go from GI issues to dh. I fear that is what has happened to you. You don't need a biopsy --- you already have a dx of celiac disease so there's no real point in getting a dx of dh. And yes, a skin biopsy is the ONLY way to dx dh unless your doc is savvy enough (I doubt it) to realize the connection & dx on appearance & response to 100% strict gluten-free diet. BTW, the use of the steroid creams will make a dh biopsy negative.

I'm very afraid that what you have done is "given" yourself dh. I believe that is exactly what you have. You really, really need to get serious NOW, not tomorrow, but NOW! And I'm not yelling at you but trying to help you understand what will happen if you don't get vigilant. It may happen anyway b/c the antibodies are already under your skin & woe be unto you if you begin getting blisters. I sincerely hope you don't. I really do. It can take 2 years & more for the antibodies to get out of your skin & meanwhile you can have dh flares or dh running straight through. DH is a TOTAL BITCH! Oh, & those steroids creams you've been using? The minute you stop them dh hits you with a VENGEANCE! The steroid creams thin your skin among other things & I can't believe a doctor would have you continually on them for 9 years. You need to get a new doc.

The pregnancy can trigger the dh rash & I suspect that's when the antibodies began piling up in your skin. I'm so sorry hon but I fear the bumps you experience now are just the tip of the iceberg for you Janet. 

Thanks squirmingitch.  Just to clarify, no I haven't been on the creams for 9 yrs. straight.  Just on and off when the eczema flare ups happened on my hands. Thank you.  When I was diagnosed, there wasn't much info on the disease, and now I'm glad that more and more info is coming out.  So, there is a chance of correcting it by just going 100% gluten free?  What is it that I need to make sure my doctor is aware of?  Is there any medications that can be taken to help remove the appearance?  




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