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Can Celiac Reaction Change From Diarrhea/bloating, To Dh?

04 May 2013 - 12:47 PM

Wondering if anyone else has had this experience.  First, please don't judge me or lecture me on the whole 100% gluten-free Diet.  I know, I know, I get it..

I was diagnosed 18 yrs ago with Celiac.  Had the whole severe diarrhea, bloating, etc.  I turned gluten free but must say, after about 10 yrs, and my sensitivity level was very low with little to no reaction - I fell off the wagon a few times with small amounts of gluten or not knowing 100% if it was gluten free.  I'd say I am Gluten Free 98% of the time.  When I got pregnant 9 yrs ago, I developed an irritation/itch on my hands I was told was eczema.  Been dealing with that for 9 years with steroid creams.  Recently, within the last 2 months, I've developed an irritation that has spread all over my body.  Started on my legs by my knee, moved up my leg, back of the legs, buttocks, now on my upper arms. feels like tiny goosebumps   But itchy like crazy to where I can not help but scratch, thus breaking open the skin and causing bleeding. Went to the doctor who is running a few blood tests due to him thinking it's an autoimmune disorder/disease.  (Should get the results back on Monday (today is Saturday).   Wondering if celiac can change it's reaction from diarrhea bloating to DH.  I'm concerned with that is what this irritation/rash is, that I just need to be very diligent and 100% gluten-free at no costs!


Sorry for the long post, wondering if anyone else has been diagnosed, not adhered to the diet 100% as I (we try but sometimes we slip) and then develops DH.  And, is a skin biopsy the ONLY way to diagnose this?


Thank you!  

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