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Gluten Challenge And Retest Questions

22 February 2015 - 11:28 AM

My son was diagnosed with celiac 3 years ago.  We (immediate family) were all tested and came up negative.  The specialist he went to said all immediate family members should be retested every 2-3 years.


Since we made the whole house gluten-free, none of the non-celiacs in the family each much gluten.  Thus, in order to get re-tested, we need to eat some.


Does anyone know what the current recommendations are for a gluten challenge?  I've seen everything from 4 pieces of bread for 6 weeks to a couple of crackers a day for 12 weeks.  Nobody will likely get sick doing this, so we don't need the bare minimum, but since all gluten is eaten outside the home, I don't really want to have to stuff 4 slices of bread in me every day at work if I don't have to.


Also - when we were originally tested, the doctor ran total IGA and ttg IGA.  Do we need both again?  Or is just ttg IGA enough?  (Total IGA #s were normal for everyone last time.) 



Home Ec/ Cooking Class With Middle Schoolers - Any Ideas?

07 February 2015 - 09:21 AM

My celiac son is due to take the modern equivalent of home ec next year.  Part of it involves cooking.


I got a note from his doctor stating that he should be excused from cooking class for medical reasons, but we are at the point now of trying to structure alternatives.  

My concerns are that being in a classroom in which a bunch of 12-yr-olds have been trying to cook with flour will give him a permanent stomach ache all semester.  I took that class when I was 12.  It was a mess. It doesn't help that he chews his fingers constantly, so if there's gluten around, he'll ingest it.  


I think it will be easy to get the school to excuse him from classes in which the kids are using gluten ingredients.  But what about the times in which his class is doing something else but other classes are still cooking?  One possibility that came up is to just have him take something else the whole semester (art or more music), but the principal seems to be resisting that idea.  


Has anyone else gone through having a celiac kid in home ec?



Anyone Get A Fever When Glutened?

18 March 2014 - 05:45 AM

My son got glutened this weekend at a camp.  It's the first time since he was diagnosed with celiac and went gluten-free that I know he had gluten.  Within about 12 hours he was nauseous, unhappy, and running a fever.  So we came home early.  By that evening he was able to eat again and the fever broke overnight so I sent him to school yesterday.  And now this morning the fever, nausea, and lack of appetite are back.


It seems way too coincidental to just be a stomach bug, but the fever seems weird.  And since we know he accidentally ate some gluten, it seems like the cause-and-effect is clearly there.  But I'm curious if others have had fevers when glutened.  I posted on the parent's board, too,  but thought I might catch more people over here.



We Know He Was Glutened - But A Fever?

17 March 2014 - 09:14 AM

My son was at a camp this weekend (with me).  The camp actually had pretty good procedures for keeping kids with dietary restrictions safe, but one night procedures weren't followed and my son was given some gluteny gravy.  He got about 3 or 4 bites down before we figured out what was up.  Oops.  


It's the only time in the last 2 years that I know for sure he has eaten gluten.  The next morning he was nauseous, unhappy, exhausted, and felt rotten.  I took him home early.  He slept for 5 hours straight and woke up with a fever of 101.  He didn't eat most of the day, but by dinner seemed to be doing better.  His fever was gone this morning, so I sent him back to school today. 


Before going gluten-free, he didn't have any outward symptoms.  He was just anemic.  I know that celiacs often get more sensitive to gluten once going gluten-free, but the fever thing seems weird.  It also seems too coincidental that this wouldn't be from glutening, given the timing and the fact that he was also nauseous and didn't want to eat all day.  


Anyone else get a fever from being glutened?  

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