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Member Since 18 Dec 2011
Offline Last Active Sep 16 2012 08:38 PM

#818850 How To Trust Doctors Again?

Posted by on 21 August 2012 - 02:23 AM

Lots of people on this forum have had bad luck with doctors, and I'd like to know how you ever managed to trust another doctor again after years of misdiagnosis and hurtful comments from supposedly educated professionals.

While my faith in doctors in general has not been fully restored, I have been able to trust another doctor. How did I do it? I found a good one. At the time, the new (third) doc was a "necessary evil" in order to get tests to try my new theory about why I was sick. Then he turned out to be committed to helping me. Where he lacked knowledge, he did research and consulted with a doctor who had more experience in order to give me good medical advice.

It also helped that I have brothers-in-law who are doctors. Knowledgeable men who are willing to admit their own limitations. And we were out to lunch with one of them when someone at a neighboring table had an emergency and my brother-in-law humbly, but confidently, "saved the day".

After that kind of experience, how on earth am I supposed to trust them for even a simple checkup?

Honestly, I'm a little grateful for my newfound disillusionment with doctors. I think I trusted them too blindly before. I was so eager to have answers that I would believe anything my doctor said. If I need to see a doctor now, I will. But I will do it with caution, knowing they aren't infallible.
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#818782 Olive Garden

Posted by on 20 August 2012 - 02:11 PM

Limited menu and my food was incredibly disappointing. If I am going to take the huge risk of eating out, I won't do it there again. Sorry for a negative report.

There are very few places I feel even remotely safe when I am in a situation where I "have to" eat out with people (visiting in-laws, etc.). The service I received did not inspire much confidence. I don't know that I was glutened, but I was already too sick that day to necessarily be able to tell.

If you do try it, I hope you have a better experience.
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