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In Topic: When You First Went Gluten Free, Did You Lose Weight?

27 January 2012 - 06:56 AM

Yes, I have lost weight. I used to be normal weight/moving toward pudgy but realize I was at least gluten intolerant (if not celiac) from age 5. I had a terrible wheat craving and a bunch of other symptoms even as a child. Binging and compulsive overeating haunted me most of my life. Now, one of my big theories is that gluten intolerance and/or celiac cause many eating disorders in people.

So in July 2010, I went gluten free after an IgE test (yeah, I know not really a good test for this) showed I was sensitive to wheat and rye. I dropped about 18 pounds in 6 months with no other changes. At that point, I had been obese and NOTHING I did budged the weight. I had a big, bloated belly and always felt awful.

Then I got lax about things and the weight went up a bit. Fast forward to Dec. 10th of last year. I went gluten-free for good (and am not limiting dairy though I still eat some). In total now from my high weight in July 2010, I've lost about 26 pounds, and again, that's without trying. My doc was amazed at my five pound loss over the holidays and shocked that it was all gluten free that did it.

I find that the burning/nagging/terrible hunger I had when eating gluten disappears when I take out the gluten. If I get glutened, it comes back.