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Member Since 27 May 2005
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In Topic: Finally Feeling Like It Is Okay To Be Overwhelmed

27 January 2006 - 08:18 AM

I've felt alot of what you're talking about. Hubby has nerve damage from back surgery so he's in cronic pain without his meds. His heart rate shot up a few weeks ago so he's been on a heart monitor, had stress tests, been to the ER, etc. His heart is okay...thank God...the doctor thinks his heart problem is from a new med he's taking for nerve pain. And, he's on Zoloft for depression.

Daughter has celiac disease and ADD. She's struggling at school and having problems finding a good friend.

Middle son has Auditory Processing issues and I'm taking him in for tests today. He's been diagnosed with ADD and major depression and anxiety issues. He also had an accident that caused brain trama a year ago so we think that might be contributing to his problems. He's also been diagnosed with Sensory Integration Dysfunction and has been through 9 months of OT for that.

Then there's my little one, he's 5. He is HYPER and aggressive. Is always getting in trouble. If he's alone with me he's great. If you add the other kids to the mix, it's WWIII! :( There is constant stress and fighting between the siblings. CONSTANT.

Then there's me. LOL I am ADHD have depression, OCD (mainly with eating and I'm about 100 lbs. overweight) and Restless Leg Syndrome from an auto-immune disorder I had when I was a kid. I also have bad allergies and headaches from time to time.

Oh boy have I felt overwhelmed lately. :( Maybe I'm just PMSing, who knows. But you're not alone. Life can get very crazy for all of us at times. Hang in there...we're all here to support each other. (((hugs)))

In Topic: Pumpkin Fluff Recipe & Very Easy

31 October 2005 - 08:04 AM

YUM! That looks so good. I'm going to try it out today. :)

In Topic: Possible Celiac Dd - Aged 19 Months

27 September 2005 - 06:04 AM

Heather, I'm new around here and have just started my diagnosed daughter (she's 11) on the gluten-free diet, but I still wanted to offer my encouragment and support to you. Keep pressing the doctors. You are your daughter's only advocate.

The thing that is so awful about celiac disease is that most people don't get diagnosed until AFTER a lot of damage has been done to their intestines.

I really hope you get some answers for your daughter. She's so young to be having intestinal problems. Give her a hug from me. :)

Oh, and if your doctor won't get her tested call around. Someone will.


In Topic: College: Living Off-campus

23 September 2005 - 07:46 AM

My daughter and 2 sons are having friends over after school today and I'm going to serve tacos. It's so nice to cook something they all can eat together. :)


In Topic: Newly Diagnosed 14 Year Old

23 September 2005 - 07:44 AM

Girl, I am right there with you. My 11 year old daughter just started her gluten-free lifestyle after her positive biopsy last week.

She does well at home but has eaten stuff with gluten the past 2 days at school. *sigh*

At home, I cleaned out a cabinet and drawer for her. Then I went to several stores and bought about $200.00 worth of safe food.

I talked to the school nurse and Christian's teacher about Celic. And the school nurse said that I could put frozen dessert type food in the school's freezer for when there's a birthday party or whatever. I'm putting Snickers Ice Cream bars - which I still can't believe are gluten-free. :)

Christian also has permission to go straight to the bathroom if she starts having diarrhea cramps. She doesn't even have to ask permission.

I've talked to everyone in the house about bread crumbs. Even after someone makes a sandwich and cleans it up I still go behind them and make sure it's all gone.

I also talked to the familly about the jelly. No more double dipping with the spoon or knife after it's touched the bread. I have a seperate peanut butter for Christian, and will get get her her own margarine, jelly and other foods that could be cross contaminated.

I bought the different flours so I can start trying out recipes. And I bought 3 cookbooks and 2 books on Celiac. I want to learn as much as possible like you. But, finding the time to read is very challenging for me. *rolleyes*

I live across the street from our school so I told Christian to call me if she's wanting ot eat something unsafe or if she's mad that she can't pizza or whatever. Then I said I'll talk to her and bring her something safe if she needs me to. You may live to far away to do that. I'm also a stay at home Mom, so it makes it easier.

Oh, I have seperate cheeseballs for her too. I didn't want her digging in the same bag as her brothers.

I have a gumball machine at my house and I filled it up with Skittles the other day. I also bought her some Tootsie Rolls from Sam's Club - the big ones. Now I just have to find some safe candy corn. LOL Buying her some "junk" food seemed to really help her attitude.

I'll see if I can remember anything else and post later today.

Hang in there...we'll get the hang of this eventually.



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