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#771534 Am I Celiac? Negative Blood Test

Posted by on 07 February 2012 - 08:47 AM

OK, an update. I went gluten free for a month, and quite early on my amenorrhea resolved.
Now I'm back on gluten, and I certainly feel worse. I do not want to draw any conclusions yet... But here is what I've noticed:
- headaches. Pretty much every day. I used to have this a lot before I went off gluten, but did only have occasional headaches while off.
BUT: Not conclusive - because it has been -15 or so outside, which triggers headaches for most people.
- Digestion. Not as bad as it was before I went gluten free, but I do believe I'm getting some of the symptoms back... (Constipation-ish, diarrhea-ish - alternating)
- Feeling tired and weak. I noticed this from day one back on gluten...
- Stomach aches - upper middle stomach. This is the kind of stomach ache I had before I went gluten free, and this morning I felt it again. Not as severe, but certainly there. Also, I get a stomach discomfort after eating sometimes, and I get easily nauseated.

Keep in mind, all these symptoms are (at least at this point) very diffuse and mild, so I will not draw any conclusion until I feel confident that these are not just placebo-symptoms.

Oh, and just a little note for those worrying about the losses of not eating gluten... I during the gluten free month, I felt like I missed bread, cakes, anything with gluten really... But when I ate it again, I realized I can do perfectly fine if I have to live without it. You just want what you can't have, heh. Really - I kind of miss my gluten free bread (most tastes blah but this one kind: "Fria FIBER" is So. Darn. Good. Especially toasted - which can by the way be done from a frozen state!)
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