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Member Since 07 Jan 2012
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Topics I've Started

Pregnancy Food

12 March 2012 - 07:01 PM

Two items I've been downing like crazy..

1 Luna Bars by Cliff (sold at Kroger) They have three kinds that are Gluten Free.. The only kind that is bearable is Chocolate Peanut butter...

2. Nestle Boost Chocolate (near the Ensure at Kroger) Its gluten Free and lactose free... The chocolate is great, the vanilla tastes awlful

Both have Vitamins, and nutrients packed into them.
The boost has proteain
And the Luna Bar has Folic Acid and Vitamin D

Both great for pregnancy.. They were recommend by OBGYN for a friend of mine having multiples.. She happened to mention to me that they are both Gluten Free products.. I rushed over to Kroger and both are great..

Diet And Test Results

09 March 2012 - 02:15 PM

The Nurse said she couldn't really read everything correct..
But the blood test showed negative for Celiac, but positive for IBS, ulcertative colitis..

But on the Celiac diet, I have no pain, diarrhea gone, vomitting gone, etc. And I got pregnant, although, still can't do Milk products..

I'm staying on the celiac diet..!!! I've never felt better since before i had my first child.

Pregnant On First Month Of gluten-free Diet

07 March 2012 - 08:49 PM

Wow... So...

I was going to stop TTC starting this month. Thinking this month would turn out like the rest of them with negative results, so we could stop trying for a month or so to heal a bit..But seriously.. after one month on the Gluten Free diet.. Bam....!!!! Positive Pregnancy Test..

If that doesn't say Celiac.. I don't know what will...

So I'm 5 weeks today... And we'll see how this goes. Trying to keep a strict diet of foods I know I'm good with. I'm not trying anything too new at all..Hopefully I can keep this up for 9 months.. Because I don't want it to come back in full force after the baby's born if i eat bad stuff...

Gluten Free Lactose Free Yogurt Homemade Crockpot

26 February 2012 - 10:44 AM

So I bought Lactose Free yogurt, and it was still reasonable in price.. But now i found a website to make Gluten Free Lactose Free Yogurt myself.


To make it I'll use the Lactose Free yogurt as well, for the probiotic part.. Hope this helps someone out there as much as it does for me.. I love Yogurt, and god knows we need the probiotics..

Mac Makeup And Herbal Essence Shampoo, Called Both Companies

23 February 2012 - 09:35 PM

So I went ahead and called MAC makeup corporate to check my makeup. Because I spent alot of money on the makeup and now with going on Gluten diet for a month and having no pain, i need to eliminate it from my life totally it seems.. My GI is wonderful and doing lots of testing on my after having a horrible GI.

Anyways, I asked about Gluten and corn, since my grandmother and aunt have gluten and corn allergies. i don't have confirmed corn yet, so I'm going to use this until i run out and then go to gluten free makeup.. Anyone have good results with a cheap makeup???

MAC Foundation Studio Fix- No Gluten, but has Corn
Base Powder- No Gluten, but has Corn
Base visage (creamy white, evens out skin for foundation) HAS GLUTEN, they are letting me exchange it for a different product
Blush-(i don't have it in front of me) HAS GLUTEN, they are letting me exchange it for a different product
Most glosses do have gluten but she gave me a list of a few that I could try which would not contain gluten.

The corporate office was amazingly kind about letting me switch out my products since I can't switch them at the department stores without a receipt and its past 30 days. I just know spending lots of money on makeup is not in everyone's budget, especially ours. I'm so glad that I can still use most of these products but I might steer away from the Corn a little just in case I do have a Corn Allergy as well.

HERBAL ESSENCE-- Has released an official statement.. They cannot guarantee the fragrances. But their facility and all Herbal Essence products are gluten free, except for the fragrances that come from another location, they cannot guarantee they were not contaminated..

I've only been on this diet for about a month or so.. Does anyone else have problems with Herbal Essence..?

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