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In Topic: I Realy Don't Understand Some People..

13 January 2012 - 09:16 AM

It's because people get addicted to all of the flavor enhancers, chemicals, fat and sugar in those processed foods. The companies who make those "foods" add stuff to them to get people to keep eating them.

If i had the power i would thought all these <<foods>> where they belong ..to the gerbage bin !!

In Topic: Share Your Culture

13 January 2012 - 12:13 AM

Hmmm....from where to start??? I am a mix of Greek/Spanish/German and Nordic decent...but since i was born and rased in Greece i prefer to say im Greek(so many countries in a mixer uhhh if a say all of them ...) My mother is from Greece(Cyprus) her father , Spanish(Basque)German(somewhere in the west i dont remember) and Greek(her mother was abopted by Greek parends )My father is from Greece( Athens) his father,his mother mixe of Greek ,German and Nordic decent..
Most people quess im Eastern European (mostly Russian)it ..lol :rolleyes:

In Topic: Why Do I Now Get Sick From Gluten When I Didn't Before Going Gluten Free

12 January 2012 - 11:15 PM

I can’t believe the response that my post created. Thank you to those that provide positive and helpful comments. For the others, how dare you judge me for being a bad mother you don’t know my background and who I am. I would never pass judgment on others especially without knowing them.

First off I have taken being gluten free very seriously from day one. The day I found out I immediately removed gluten from my diet and got all new kitchen supplies. You all should know from experience and what I have read is that most of us go through a phase of depression with Celiac. Everyone’s story is different so no one should judge anyone. My story goes like this my first son was only 9 months when I found out I had Celiac. I was trying to learn to be a new parent and deal with now having Celiac. I even had my son tested and the genetic test for the gene as I will with this baby. Then six months after being diagnosed I was blessed and got pregnant again. My first trimester was horrible so tired I couldn’t function and feeling sick all the time. I felt horrible for 3 months and could hardly eat anything and started to lose weight. But the only thing that sounded good was some of the old foods I used to eat, gluten free actually made me feel sick. I have and always will be a super healthy person eating right and exercising everyday (even up to the day I gave birth). If you have been pregnant you know that your hormones get way out of whack. I started questioning my gluten free diet because I felt I had lost all social side of my life it was not for the occasional pizza or cookie because I hardly eat those items anyways.

I thought about it long and hard and asked my OB her opinion if it would be of any harm to try eating gluten again and she said “NO”! I agree that I should not have taken her advice and rest assured before I even posted my question I was not planning on eating gluten again.

I have found that no one is truly an expert on Celiac. There is still a lot of research that needs to be done. Half the time my specialists can’t even answer what I think are simple questions like “are there different degrees of Celiac?” “From a scale of 1 to 10 do some develop extremely bad symptoms at a 10 were others are a 1 and hardly have any issues and could go on living eating gluten?” If the medical community cannot even answer this simple basic question I find it hard to believe anything I read about Celiac Disease unless the person has science to back it up. It sounds like many of you have extreme cases so you want to spread the word and I can appreciate that but without more research we just don’t know. No one in my family has had a lifelong of pain and suffering and two Grandma’s lived to over 85 and my grandpa is still alive at 90. So if no one in my family has suffered the consequences of eating gluten/Celiac Disease and it is a genetic disease so I got it from someone where is the science to show why this is the case?

Think twice next time you pass judgment on others!

I am not a doctor ,i can not answer any question as if i am but i am Gluten intolerant/Sensitive and i talk through experience. I am gluten free for two years it can be difficuld only the times you will let it to be. Celiac/Intolerance for me is like a spectrum i broad rage of differend ways of affecting someone who have it it can affect gut,skin and nervous system ,you can be born with it or develop it later ,it can affect your brain fuction,you may get negative blood test but it doesnt mean it doesnt affect you in any way . No one has a reason to hate you or not be supportive. I guess you may be on denial ,what shocked the most is that you are pregnand and you dont have the time to take a risk to eat something its bad for you ..its not safe to eat gluten since no one knows how this will affect your baby . Its unpredictable you never know any time how it will affect you and the impact of it...in my county we have a quotation....take care of your clothes to be able to keep the half of them .

In Topic: Short Kids

11 January 2012 - 07:39 PM

I have 2 nieces and neither is over 5' 1" tall. The younger one has size 8 feet, which is huge for a short girl. She goes through carbs in the form of pasta, crackers, etc. like mad. She is very active, doesn't have any body fat and I think puberty was delayed. She is 14 and just began to get girlish hips.

Her 17 year old sister is at least 60 lbs overweight and eats like there is no tomorrow. She also has lots of mental.emotional problems.

Could these be signs of Celiac?

Its very possible. i am Gluten intolerant/sensitive . I was very short and oveweight untill my 18s(1,48cm and 55 kg).I never had any periods and i had lots of emotional problems(you can read my post << Gluten and Violence>> I explane everything there)After two weeks in Gluten free diet all my anger had gone, in almost a year i lost 9 kg..and believe the unbelievable i am 1,52 now....Seriously i got from 1,48 to 1.52 i also started having periods for the first time in my life , i am now 49 kg my metabolism is faster and my cellulide is gone ,its amazing what gluten can do to the human body and mind...

In Topic: Has Anyone Experienced One Or Some Of These Mental Health Issues?

09 January 2012 - 02:36 PM

I had experienced traits of the following: Deepresion,ADD/ADHD,Aspergers,Parania,Anxienty,Bipolar and Social phobias....
Al the psychologist and psychiatrists ever seen me couldnt deside what kind of problem i had...theycould never give me a full diagnosis....witch of caurse its normal...i wish i could see them and talk to them about my gluten intolerance/sensitivity so they will accept that diet can effect the brain functioning and the behavior. I think the first thing they should ask anyone entering in their office is << Did you ever tested for food intolerances?>> Insted of giving pills to cure a non existed disorter....

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