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#934305 Glucose From Wheat

Posted by on 06 November 2014 - 11:12 AM

There is a company that samples chocolate at Costco with "maltitol (wheat)" on the label but it is also still labeled as gluten free. I've looked up lots on it (it's the only wheat based sweetener I've ever encountered) and was happy with what I read and have quite happily enjoyed a piece of chocolate every time I see them there. Never had a problem with it. I think if I encountered a similar product with "glucose (wheat)" on the label I'd also happily enjoy it since it shouldn't cause any problems. I also sometimes buy vodka made from wheat if I just need a bargain bottle for something. I don't let the word scare me off of products if the science is behind it being gluten free.

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#934110 Halloween Candy Tips?

Posted by on 04 November 2014 - 05:07 AM

You can find a local dentist that does candy buyback. They'll get cash for their candy that they can spend on whatever you let them, and the candy gets sent to our troops overseas. It's a perfect win/win. You could also donate it to a local shelter or food bank. Treats like that may be few and far between for kids in situations where a parent has to take advantage of those services and will be greatly appreciated.

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#931759 Kraft Products ... I'm Shocked!

Posted by on 01 October 2014 - 08:25 AM

The odd thing is, most of their competitors ARE testing.  If I have a choice between two products, Kraft and something else, and the something else tests and lists they are gluten-free on the label, I'm buying the something else.  I bought some pudding yesterday, yes, the Jell-O (Kraft) was probably ok, but I don't know for sure, so I bought the other brand that had gluten-free on the label.  Kraft is big enough that they can test....but if they prefer statements like that, I'll buy other products.


But Kraft's direct competitors aren't. You think they are because you look at what is tested, what is marked gluten free and what is certified. The companies Kraft is in direct competition with are largely the ones Peter identified, which also aren't testing, Unilever, General Mills, Nestle, ConAgra, etc. I eat products from many of these companies often and none of them are making me sick. As Karen pointed out, just because something says gluten free on it, doesn't mean it was tested. It doesn't have to be. I refuse to live my life in a constant state of paranoia. I was there early on after diagnosis and it isn't a good place to be. A very wise woman told me that we live in a shared world. That really helped me realize that I can still keep myself safe by being educated without being worried about things there is no point in worrying about. Like Kraft, Unilever, etc products.


ETA: I just want to add, that if you want to choose not to eat them. Don't. But for the sake of people who come to this site for good information this needs to be repeated, these products are perfectly safe. Read the label, if there is gluten it will say so.

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#930931 Stadium Nachos..glutened?

Posted by on 17 September 2014 - 12:44 PM

I've seen nacho cheese sauce with wheat in it. It's not cheese, it's some sort of freakish thing that isn't even food anymore (but is still yummy!) so who knows what sort of freakish things is in it. The rule is: unless you know exactly what is in something, it doesn't belong in your mouth. A simple "is it gluten free?" and "yes" is never good enough for me. I've had too many experiences of "that's without sugar, right?" or "it's fine, it's white flour not wheat flour" to trust some random moron with my health.

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#928916 The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

Posted by on 30 August 2014 - 08:22 PM

You can all come over for some! ^_^ My husband was poking fun at me because they didn't have "nooks and crannies" when I split them. But they're light and fluffy and ohmygawd! I don't know if it's that it's been so long or that they're simply wonderful but he even said they were really good so I'm going with option B. Better hurry if you're gonna get here before they're all gone!

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#928289 The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

Posted by on 23 August 2014 - 06:03 PM


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#928281 The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

Posted by on 23 August 2014 - 02:10 PM

Tonight is breakfast for supper. I'll slice off some ham, make eggs, hashbrowns and if I get ambitious there will be pancakes. If not, we'll be satisfied without.


I finally managed to find a pair of Rainbow Dash gala dress sandals today, and on sale for $5! Now I have my shoes for my dress and I just have to make my dress for comic con in the spring. I'm disappointed I didn't get it done for the fall but I'm so excited about my shoes I almost bounced out of the store. :D I've got a second retail store interested in my heating pads to sell in their local stores and I'm applying this weekend to the local craft vendor store too. Life really couldn't be any better unless the tomatoes in my garden started to get ripe. Apparently that's an issue this summer for some people around here and not just me. At least I'm not alone and I know I didn't screw up.


Hope the dog things works out. Dogs are loads of fun and I wish I could have one. :wub:

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#927506 The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

Posted by on 14 August 2014 - 07:06 PM

Had a small spinach salad with left over chicken cubes.  I might have to thaw out a chocolate muffin  :lol:


Some of the major food groups are milk, cheese (yes, they're different food groups) bacon and chocolate. So if you have milk with your muffin you're covering two food groups for supper! Sounds good to me.


I had SO MUCH FOOD! Talked to lots of people, made new friends. (don't remember anyone's names :ph34r:) Had a blast and generally feel awesome for letting go and enjoying myself. And people really liked my cucumber salad. Which is weird to me because it's just cucumbers... with sauce. Hey, whatever makes people happy. I enjoy it, but then I enjoyed everything I had. ^_^ It's hard not to at a potluck when you can eat ALL the food.

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#927175 Gluten-Free For The Entire Famly? When Members Can't/don't Want To Be...

Posted by on 12 August 2014 - 07:59 AM

There is no reason an 8 year old needs gluten in their diet. There is also nothing I can think of that she'll really be missing out on without it, especially if she can eat whatever she wants outside of home. I eat bread and cupcakes and brownies and whatever else I want to eat, mine just doesn't have gluten in it. There really doesn't seem to be any point at all (imo) to your husband being gluten free to be supportive and for your health to prevent you getting sick from accidental glutenings if you aren't simply removing it from the kitchen. There is plenty a kid that age can learn to do in a kitchen to get a snack or easy meal that doesn't have to involve bread and a butter knife.


An alternative, if you don't want to ban it entirely for her is to put HER gluten stuff (maybe a few things for sandwiches) in a bin and a special place in the fridge. You can buy parchment paper in flat sheets at cooking stores to put in there too. Teach her to get out a sheet of paper, put it on the dining room table and fix her sandwich there and then she can just throw everything away. You can even use plastic knives if you're so inclined. I have a sort of similar set up with my husband for his breakfast cereal. I absolutely won't allow it in my kitchen, but if he wants to pour it where he'll eat it in a disposable bowl that won't end up in my kitchen that's fine by me.

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#926911 The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

Posted by on 09 August 2014 - 05:59 PM

Be safe, and most important... HAVE FUN! :D

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#926395 Are You Happy?

Posted by on 04 August 2014 - 03:52 PM

I love that song! And as an added bonus it always makes me smile when I remember how much it irritated my mother. :lol:


After my entire life fell apart I was completely and utterly miserable. In a moment of perfect clarity I realized that I could choose to be happy. And so I did.


I don't sweat the small stuff. But I also make sure to value the small stuff because it's those little things that we forget about that can remind us we're happy. I noticed last week that somehow a marigold is growing in the middle of a row of my vegetables. I have no idea how, I've never planted flowers at all in my veggie garden but there it is with one little flower on it. And every night I go out to turn on the water it always makes me smile.

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#926083 The Funny Pages - Tickle Me Elbow - The Sequel

Posted by on 02 August 2014 - 12:06 AM

Because nothing is more educational than Bea Arthur and a unicorn.



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#923994 The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

Posted by on 15 July 2014 - 08:54 PM

We stopped at the store today and I got a chicken for $3! Yay! I roasted it, filled the house with smoke (lol) and enjoyed a lovely dinner. I'm really enjoying my husband having the same two days off every week, it's positively great. Stayed up way too late last night, enjoying a lot of tv last night and tonight and some ice cream. Had some errands today to go pick up a bag of buckwheat, go to the bank and such. It's just plain too hot for me these days though. Ick. A person could melt out there.

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#923407 Dr. And Pharmacy Insanity

Posted by on 10 July 2014 - 03:18 AM

There isn't anything a doctor can do about your meds. Yes, celiac is an important part of our medical record but it just isn't always something that is important or relevant to a situation. The doctor will prescribe what he needs to and that's all they can do. It is up to us, as individuals, to make sure we are getting gluten free medications. Some work with a pharmacist they feel they can have a good relationship with and let them check. There is approximately a snowball's chance in hell I'd trust my health to a Walmart employee. Pharmacist or not. When I get a prescription, 100% of the time, I either go to or call the pharmacy and ask for the name of the manufacturer that they would use to fill it. In general, you should also ask for the NDC number because most manufacturers will ask you for this. With Walmart, the NDC isn't correct and you'll instead need to ask them for the pill imprint information so you can describe the pill to the person on the phone. (I have no idea why Walmart doesn't have appropriate NDCs but I've learned to live with it.) I used to joke that I have more pharmaceutical company's contact information in my phone than friends. :lol: At any rate, I call the manufacturer and ask if the drug is gluten free. Nearly every time they say something to the effect of "we don't use any gluten containing ingredients in this drug but because we don't test the final product we don't make any gluten free claims blah blah blah" which is a CYA statement. They are just trying to make sure no one is going to sue them. Because of the strict guidelines in place and how serious it would be if CC did occur, I've never been worried about it. If there were CC happening it could kill people because of drug interactions, so it just isn't going to be a problem.


I'm not saying everything was handled for you was okay. You were treated poorly and that is never okay. But please remember that this is a disease that doctors really can't treat at all. All they can do is tell us to stop eating gluten and ship us off. Treatment is completely in our hands once we are diagnosed. Because of the seriousness of the disease, I don't place my trust in a group of people to simply told me to go home and google how to be gluten free. It seems very overwhelming at first, but it all becomes second nature and you'll shrug things like this off because we can't expect the world to conform to knowing enough to actually helpful.

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#921879 The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

Posted by on 27 June 2014 - 07:37 PM

Hey, I almost forgot!!!



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