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In Topic: Off Gluten For 1.5 Years, But Having An Endoscopy For Nausea Next Month. Dr W...

16 January 2013 - 10:02 AM

Original Poster back to let you all know how it went:

I stuck to my guns and refused the gluten challenge. I just had my endoscopy yesterday, so I don't have my pathology results yet, but just by looking, my doctor found a hiatal hernia and an area of irritation that he believes to be caused by acid reflux. I am amazed how negative my GI is -- he told me over and over that 'daily nausea may just be what is normal for you,' and even said that after the endo and finding those issues. I've continued to tell him that I am not willing to accept that I will be sick the rest of my life (I am 25 -- I have a lot of potentially healthy years ahead of me!). I am going to get my biopsy results (looking for H. Pylori and a few other things, not celiacs since I haven't been eating wheat) within the next 2 weeks, and I am doing one further test with this GI -- a breath test that monitors how my body and bacteria in my stomach digests sugar water after a day of fasting, that is supposed to indicate some specific kind of bacteria overgrowth. After I finish those tests, I will be taking my test results and high-tailing it back to my naturopath, where we can look at options to treat these things.

I will post again once I get my pathology results, but wanted to give an update at this point. Thanks again to everyone who helped me make the right decision!

In Topic: Off Gluten For 1.5 Years, But Having An Endoscopy For Nausea Next Month. Dr W...

21 December 2012 - 02:08 PM

Alright, you guys have reassured me that I am made the right move in declining it.

I am not dying to start the recovery process over, especially if 3-4 weeks of a challenge is possibly not enough time to get a positive diagnosis anyways. I also don't have huge faith in this GI, and I think a negative celiac diagnosis could lead to him treating me worse (I believe he already thinks my nausea is in my head.. he suggested that having daily nausea 'May just be what is normal for your body...' and that I may be using the wrong word for my nausea, because I never vomit... ugh). If the endoscopy comes back totally clean, I will be high-tailing it back to my naturopath, and don't intend to continue working with this guy.
He will definitely still do the endoscopy without the gluten challenge, and I am hoping it will at least rule out a few possibilities like ulcers and H. Pylori.

Thank you everyone for the advise -- I love this board!

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