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In Topic: Kids Vitamins

19 August 2013 - 05:51 PM

Animal Parade GOLD- is awesome. Also use Carlson's D drops, 1000 units, my daughter was deficient in D when diagnosed, her levels more than doubled in 6 months.

I also give probiotics daily.

In Topic: Retesting 5 Year Old?

13 August 2013 - 05:47 PM

Exactly!! I'm struggling with purposely feeding him crap to test him :)

Ok, I think I'll let him eat a bit more on a more regular basis, over next week or two, and go ahead with testing again- if this impaction issue continues, or he continues with tummy pain after getting negative labs, we may then consider eliminating gluten all together and see how he reacts.

My pedi is certain that he just has to get used to going regularly, and easily, hence the Miralax, but I don't want him to stay on it or depend on it to go, I really want to try more natural methods, if I could just get the stubborn kid to eat leafy greens and high fiber stuff!!

In Topic: gluten-free Since March - Went From 124Lbs To 140 Lbs...ugh

13 August 2013 - 08:41 AM

I don't know, my GI tested everything thyroid including Hashi's, every test for everything has been normal but I haven't lost an ounce since being diagnosed 18 months ago and being strictly gluten-free.

I heard so much about the amount of weight I would lose, I was praying it was the one positive in the whole crappy diagnosis! :)

Just letting you know you're not alone, I don't get it either!

In Topic: Retesting 5 Year Old?

13 August 2013 - 08:36 AM

So all.....his X-ray a week ago showed impacted stool, basically a colon full of stuck poop :) she had us do Miralax for 3 days, and then has us on a maintenance dose right now until we get him going more regularly. He's gone a total of 5 times since starting the Miralax, and seems to feel a lot of relief. She agreed that we should do a few more celiac labs, since he never had a full panel.

She ordered the DGP tests and a couple other things including iron, because he eats no meat. Thing is, trying to feed him a bit more gluten till we do the labs--- what would you suggest time and quantity wise for accurate testing? He DOES already eat it, so we are not starting a challenge from scratch, just upping what he eats now.

As an example, we don't have gluten in the house except a few things- he eats Honey Nut Cheerios and I have MiniWheats, his Cliff Bars are not really gluteny, but are made with regular oats, I bought some goldfish for snacks on the go, regular pretzels, he eats normally when out to eat, and will eat kindergarten snacks (which always have gluten!!) starting daily next week. I know bread is the best way to incorporate it, is it worth bringing bread back into my house with two celiacs? Should I get a box of mini donuts and let him eat a couple a day, that doesn't sound healthy :) I have some frozen macaroni and cheese he eats 1-2 times a week, I even bought some of those Kraff microwave ones for lunch, just trying to sneak it into him!

I get conflicting info. Both my pedi and GI said he is eating enough, he would have antibodies. My own GI told me nope, he could be testing negatively because he is eating gluten light.

What do y'all suggest?

In Topic: Keep Pursuing?

08 August 2013 - 06:00 AM

I never thought I would be going out to buy gluteney foods and load my kid up on them LOL :-) he's gonna have fun with this experiment!
I was thinking a month also, especially since he will be eating daily snacks at kindergarten as well. I really wish I could've figured this out prior to school starting! If gluten does end up being his problem, I sure hate to make him feel miserable just as he starts school!

The pediatrician is running celiac screen which includes the DGP tests he hasn't been tested for yet. And I think it runs tTG which he's been negative on thus far, but maybe increasing his gluten intake will give us a more accurate result. She is testing him for all sorts of inflammation stuff too- sed rate, ANA, CRP, metabolic panel, CBC+diff, amylase and lipase, iron +TIBC, ferritin.

I AGREE------ and so does my pediatrician, what causes a kid to get fecal impaction!??!!!