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In Topic: Confirm Of Protein In Urine

04 March 2012 - 04:01 PM

Maybe it is something simple to fix, or a temporary situation Krypto. Anyway, I hope so. Let us know what develops with the new doctor if you don't mind.

Welcome Colleen. Good to have you here. Your story of a slow diagnosis is unfortunately pretty common. Maybe that will change someday.

A good way to start the gluten-free diet is with a simple whole foods diet. That means no processed foods, mostly whole foods like fruits, veggies, and meats. Limited spices is a good idea too. The whole foods diet also reduces the chance of cross-contamination and making mistakes in the beginning. Plus the labels are much shorter and quicker to read. Another thing to avoid is sugar and sodas. But add pro-biotics and maybe some digestive enzymes too.

It is not unusual for people to alternate between good and bad days for a while as their intestines heal and begin to stabilize. If you get gassy peppermint tea with stevia may help. Plus it tastes good. :)

Did your docs check you for nutrient shortages? Sometimes we are low on vitamins and minerals due to mal-absorption in the intestines. It's good to know about that early on so you can focus some effort on correcting it.

I am glad the Lord led you to the site and thanks for your wishes that we heal. I don't know if that's possible after seeing those glasses you wear though. eek! :Just kidding. )

GFinDC; Those glasses keep me sane!!!! Thank you for your knowledge, you hit the nail on the head with it! I working on my vitamins and minerals. I am now reading a book called Fiber Menance-best $20 I've spent in a long time!!! You are a Godsend! :P

Hang in there Kryptonite, news sounds good so far! :rolleyes: But please keep us posted!

In Topic: Confirm Of Protein In Urine

29 February 2012 - 03:41 PM

Welcome Colleen. Hopefully you will continue to improve but gluten can be sneaky so we do often have some ups and downs at first. If you go with whole foods you will heal the fastest and do make sure you are doing what you need to do to keep yourself safe from cross contamination like a new dedicated toaster, replacing strainers, not sharing condiments and nut butters, jelly etc. Some of us have issues with soy and dairy so those are best avoided for now and do be sure to check any meds and supplements you are taking to make sure they are gluten free.

Thanks for your warm welcome!!! I have the toaster and separate condiments. I checked all my meds & vitamins. No soy I can do, but no dairy will be tough (love my cheese!) I wish I went whole food only right away!!! I am getting there...No doctor told me to avoid oranges while my ulcer is healing...I am in ulcer pain today :blink: I have read that even though I have damage to my kidneys, that going gluten-free will stop any new damage :P love it! :wub:

In Topic: Confirm Of Protein In Urine

29 February 2012 - 02:17 PM

Hi Celiac Sisters & Brothers!
Just a little FYI on my kidney issues...
I too had blood in urine 3X and I noticed very foamy bubbles. My first 24 hr test can back at 3500+ for protein-WAY high!!! Next were more blood tests, more urine tests and then a biopsy. I was dx with FSGS (focal segmental glomerolsclerioses)(sp????)It means that some of my kidney filters are scarred...My foamy pee started in Feb 2011, my biopsy was in June. I recieved that diagnoses in Sep (LONG wait) and was put on Lisinopril. Kidney doctor sent me to a rheumatologist who did more blood work, I tested positve for HLA-DQ2 in Dec '11 I lost my gallbladder on 12/27/11....after that I sent myself back to my 3rd GI who agreed to do and a biopsy. I was put back on an acid reducer (I worked hard to get off them) because I have an ulcer in my small intestines that is NOT h. phylori. Weeks of anti biotics and waiting for results...On January 27, 2012 I was DX w/celiac disease!!!! It has been 10 years of an ever growing list of symptoms. Nobody could put the pieces together; my 24 migraines each month; my IBS, GERD, heavy menstral cycles (had a total hysterectomy with one ovary removed)8 years of consitpation, sensitivity to eye make up and jewelry, chronic sinusitus and rhinitus, hearing loss, tinnitus, chest pains, pressure in eyes, blurry vision, fear of crowds, depression, brittle & ridged nails, candida,hair & eyebrow loss,neck pain, back pain, bunions,feet pain and restless legs(neuropathy), and now osteo arthritis but I am SOOOOO happy to have a DX. :P B) Three days into the diet my constipation was gone and the tinnitus. But they are both back...(7 weeks in-started right after biopsy-still a newbie) I am very careful...I need to start eliminating other foods to see if it's a gluten & food combination.
P.S. I have lost 8 lbs (I was a wieght gainer-I was always starving!!!!)
May God continue to Bless you and heal you!
I pray that American doctors open their eyes, ears and medical books=it's overdue!!!!!
P.P.S. I love Celiac.com
I need you all to heal physically, mentally and spiritually!!

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