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In Topic: Is The gluten-free Diet Making Me Stupid?

03 January 2014 - 10:38 AM

I was lethargic and spent my weekends sleeping --up to 18 hours of sleep a day, both Saturday and Sunday.  After being gluten free for over 18 months I finally noticed that I was sleeping much less.  Sorry to say, but some things just take longer than others, and we are all different,.... you have to stick with the diet and give your body time to realize that it can stop fighting everything all the time.


You are not stupid! You came here and asked your questions and laid out relevant explanations.... nothing stupid there....  

I have found that taking a vitamin B12 supplement helps clear that brain fog.  In fact, when I first started the B12 it was like someone lifted a curtain! No more brain fog!




Also, by the way, thank you!! For helping me to understand that I am NOT alone in this "laziness" --but IN FACT it may be part of the healing process of being gluten free (after being sick for my entire life until recently because I never knew I had celiac disease.).

In Topic: Bloating - Help? :(

03 January 2014 - 10:35 AM

I think Diane hit it when she said other intolerance's , after going Gluten free I found I had a corn intolerance and it made me bloat and gassy .... So you may want to do a food diary. 


I think that there are other food intolerances that are "hidden" by the Celiac or the gluten intolerance.  Like your body is working so hard to combat itself, in the case of Celiac disease, that it kind of fails to alert you to other problems.  For example, I never had an issues with citrus, then suddenly, after a year of being gluten free I was (and am) allergic to citrus!  I cannot have any citrus at all because the symptoms are like torture --burning, itching --no rash or eruptions, just terrible, terrible burning itching! 


I am starting to have sensitivities to other things now (2 years gluten free).....  I really cannot help believing that my body, fighting the celiac symptoms, was "masking" other intolerances, allergies, and issues.


And:  A food diary is an excellent idea!!  I kept a food diary for 7 years and it helped me to figure out a lot of things!!

In Topic: Aaaagghhh... Ginger Ale?

02 January 2014 - 10:44 AM

This past November I was ill.  I had digestive system discomfort with severe nausea and I had dizzy spells.  I finally tracked down the one thing I had consumed that I did not use for many years prior to this event.....  chewing gum containing ASPARTAME.  

Aspartame is nasty stuff!!  I was so sick for so many days, accompanied with the dizzy spells, which become more severe as the days passed!!

I chewed gum on 3 separate occasions, and I spit it out after only an hour or so, but that was all it took!!  I was sick for the next 3 weeks.


I feel that many of these sensitivities and symptoms and issues may be heightened by being gluten free.  If you are gluten free your body can stop attacking itself because of the gluten and now it's attention becomes riveted to other things!!  Kind of like an unending nightmare.....



In Topic: Itching, But Not Eczema, Or Dh, Or Shingles,....

31 December 2013 - 08:57 AM

itching again..... winter, so predictable....  this time I think it has to do with perhaps one of the following:


corn products

dairy (I sure hope not)

tea? caffiene?


this morning I have had my supplements, things I have taken daily for year and years with no symptoms that I am aware of.

I have had water.  I was hungry, so I ate some sweet potato "pancakes" with butter and brown sugar.  


It appears that the itching is dissipating after 72 hours of suffering.....  so now I am not sure how to proceed.....  I will drink more water throughout the day, and see if the itching continues to go away.....   My current plan is to probably have some ground sirloin and rice for dinner, maybe with some cheese....


Please, God, please let the itching go away. please.

In Topic: This Itchy Skin Has Got To Stop!

31 December 2013 - 07:13 AM

Hi all,


I was diagnosed with celiac on October 1st of this year, and have been gluten free ever since. I've de-glutened my home, and have only eaten out 3 times since my diagnoses (I don't think I was cc'd but you never know).


Anyway, I have a terrible problem with itchy skin. It's not DH, as there is nothing wrong with the area of skin that suddenly itches. It can pop up anywhere (and does): mostly my arms, legs, wrists, chest, sides, pretty much wherever I have skin except my scalp.


It comes on completely randomly - my routine doesn't change. I work from home, so I'm here 90% of the time. It can strike if I'm home, asleep or awake, out and about, doesn't matter. Like I said, there is nothing wrong with my skin when it starts to itch - no redness, rash, bumps, scrapes, sores, lumps, discolorations, scales, flakes, lesions or infections. Nada!


Sometimes the itch may start light, like something brushed my skin. I'll unconsciously itch or rub it. Apparently, the itch gets really mad when I do that and then explodes into an extremely painful, prickly itchy sensation. It feels like millions of tiny pinches. I try as hard as I can not to scratch it, but if I don't, the painful prickles become so bad I involuntarily jerk whatever appendage is itching.


Once it was so bad and in so many places at once it woke me up and after trying slathering on thick moisturizer all over, I was forced to shower and scrub head to toe with a loofah.


I've tried anti itch creams, I use Cetaphil Moisturizer Cream, and I lotion up every time I get out of the shower. I tried icing the area. Sometimes I slap the area really hard for very temporary relief.  I only have Benedryl Allergy in my medicine cabinet, but have used that as a last resort.


This is driving me CRAZY!! I can't take it anymore. I've been gluten-free for 12 weeks now, it can't still be the gluten...can it?


Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions or advice before I scratch myself down to the bone?

At last! I am NOT ALONE.  I have these exact symptoms you describe, tonalynn.  Drives me insane!!  no one understands or believes me.


I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in November 2011.  I have been 99% gluten free for 2 years.  1 year ago I had the itching, but it turned out that I now have a citrus allergy, so eliminating citrus made the itching go away.  But now the itching is back and it's making me crazy.  

I don't know whether to call a doctor, or which doctor to call!!!  Allergist? Gastroenterologist? GP?  will one doc refer me back to one of the others...... is it worth even trying to call a doctor in the first place!  What else am I allergic to now!  they are slowly taking all foods I love away from me,.....   I worry that I may have liver disease, but there is no problem detected with standard blood work.


It's so bad that I want to just go outside in the cold (it's about 4 degrees Fahrenheit here) because it feels like the cold would make the itching stop, but the cold hurts so much too......


Today I have not eaten anything so far.  I did take my morning supplements, which I have taken for years and all are gluten free.  I am pondering not eating anything today, but my stomach is growling, and I have no will power when it comes to sitting around and not eating.....   


Questions in my mind today:  is it sugar?  I consumed very little sugar yesterday and still itch.   Caffiene? maybe. I had coffee yesterday.  Now I am afraid to even drink tea.  I have had no citrus, that is for sure!  


I sympathize with you!  I understand completely, what you have described!  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!  and you are not crazy.


crazy, burning and itching, won't go away, no matter what, and there is not any kind of skin eruption or rash or anything to see..... not anemic, liver panel fine, no other blood work reveals anything wrong,........ this has been my life in the winter for so many years.