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Member Since 16 Jan 2012
Offline Last Active May 16 2015 05:05 PM

#901327 Bloating - Help? :(

Posted by on 03 January 2014 - 10:35 AM

I think Diane hit it when she said other intolerance's , after going Gluten free I found I had a corn intolerance and it made me bloat and gassy .... So you may want to do a food diary. 


I think that there are other food intolerances that are "hidden" by the Celiac or the gluten intolerance.  Like your body is working so hard to combat itself, in the case of Celiac disease, that it kind of fails to alert you to other problems.  For example, I never had an issues with citrus, then suddenly, after a year of being gluten free I was (and am) allergic to citrus!  I cannot have any citrus at all because the symptoms are like torture --burning, itching --no rash or eruptions, just terrible, terrible burning itching! 


I am starting to have sensitivities to other things now (2 years gluten free).....  I really cannot help believing that my body, fighting the celiac symptoms, was "masking" other intolerances, allergies, and issues.


And:  A food diary is an excellent idea!!  I kept a food diary for 7 years and it helped me to figure out a lot of things!!

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#846554 Itching, But Not Eczema, Or Dh, Or Shingles,....

Posted by on 03 January 2013 - 06:48 PM

Okay, I saw the nurse practitioner, but by that time, with legs itching also, it was showing up as a serious rash and it is eczema.... but it had to manifest the rash-like red areas for that to be apparent. at first it was just a mild rash on my belly, but that cleared up as the legs (mostly below the knee on the back of the calf) began to itch.

The only medications I take are asthma meds. I have no other conditions that require prescription medicine.
I take a variety of vitamin supplements, all labelled as gluten-free.

I have an appointment to see a dermatologist in a couple of weeks.

The nurse practitioner prescribed (a corticosteroid) mometasone furoate cream, which (naturally) has a positively horrifying list of adverse reactions, not to mention ingredients that give me pause.... but I am giving it a try, having applied the second dose (one application a day). My legs still itch, but I have discovered that gently rubbing them makes them feel better for a few minutes at a time.
But I am trying to not touch the affected area too much.

I have found all of your replies interesting and somewhat helpful.... thank you all. I will return with more information as the condition changes.
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#800523 How Did I Get Glutened!?!

Posted by on 04 June 2012 - 06:38 AM

One thing I do remember is that eating gluten just made me want more gluten. Like somehow my body craves the thing that is worst for it. Any time I ate bread, pasta, donuts, it seemed like I could not get enough --never felt full until I was literally stuffed full.
And diahhrea was a daily thing, every morning without fail.

You need to get gluten free and stay that way to feel good all the time.
Who wants to feel sick at all!

Some of us have been very lucky in that we have not experienced severe illness due to our celiac disease. Very lucky.
I am greatful that I was never so very sick as some of the folks on this forum have been. All my sympathy to those who have suffered and been hospitalized.

What you need to take to heart, CanineGluten, is that you feel terrific when you are gluten free. Why not feel terrific all the time and just give up the things that make you feel bad or make you anti-social. It is for the best!
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#796274 Gluten-Free Food Taken Away At Sea World

Posted by on 17 May 2012 - 05:09 AM

Right. Do not embellish or ask for anything. Just make sure to describe the events accurately and send it to the management of Seaworld. Maybe they will give you something to placate you. It is important that they understand exactly what the situation is, so that maybe they can take corrective action so that this kind of thing does not happen in the future.

Also, it is important to do some research before going to amusement parks, attractions, or events. Find out what restrictions are in place before you arrive.
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#774925 Ignorant Grocery Cashier

Posted by on 20 February 2012 - 08:28 PM

Apparently there are people who have no clue what flour is actually made from. I can understand maybe not knowing what gluten is, but not knowing that regular flour is made from wheat just amazes me. :blink:

I too have noticed that people are extremely ignorant or just plain don't think things through. I wonder where they think flour comes from.... maybe it grows on trees... or it is mined from the ground....
The next person I meet who does not know that flour is made from wheat --I am going to ask where they think flour comes from.
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