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Diarrhea, Pain, Nausea - Glutened?

09 February 2012 - 08:09 AM


Gave my 12 year old daughter ceviche yesterday. She has been 100% gluten-free since intestinal surgery on 1/1/12. Last night pain started in her belly, then nausea, then diarrhea from 3:00 on to 10:00 this morning. She is home from school "sick" again.

I know there is a lot on this forum about being "glutened" - so I called the restaurant and asked. (never thought ceviche would have gluten!) - anyway, they said there is gluten in the seasoning they used.

My question is could that small amount of gluten give her all these symptoms? I'm still trying to learn what works best for her, poor thing. She said "mom, all I want is to feel well".

Also she was in school all day yesterday with gas pains (before eating the ceviche). This was due I believe to eating Baby Bell cheese.

Thanks for any input.

A confused, guilty, and overwhelmed mother

Intussusception In 12 Year Old Daughter

21 January 2012 - 11:14 AM

Hello everyone,

I just joined this group today. My 12 year old daughter went into the hospital on New Year's Eve for 6 days for surgery due to Intussusception. She had to have 12" of her large intestine removed, 4" of small intestine, appendix, and ileocecal valve. She was out of school for almost 3 weeks and has a 7" scar across her belly. I fell horrible this happened, since she had been vomiting for 3 days prior and I thought it was the stomach bug going around. Well, it was life threatening and we got to the hospital just in time. She has been on a gluten-free diet since 6 when she passed out in nurses office, Ferritin was a 6 and her celiac antibodies were high on her bloodwork. Her belly always used to hurt her. Her GI put her on a stool softner for 6 months! I said Heck no, and put her on a gluten-free diet immediately. Within one day she got better.

As a pre-teen she cheats quite frequently and usually has severe gas pains a day or two later. Not always, so because of this she did not know the gluten was doing all this damage. Anyway, 2 days before this last intussusception she had regular pizza at a friends house! Her mother knew she was gluten-free but obvioiusly it didn't concern her. I'm convinced this is part of what caused this surgery, along with a stomach polp found in her intestine during the pathology analysis.

She has to go back in for a cat-scan in Feb to check for more polps, but the doc can't test her for celiac since she has been primarily gluten-free and would have to go back on gluten for 2 months! She can't do this, so we are making our own diagnosis. I'm going gluten-free too since I have hypothyroid, always exhausted, and have had severe hair loss for 10 years. Guess it manifests itself in different ways. Just had my 14 year old son's bloodwork done this past Thursday for a celiac panel. Her new GI doc said if he has it good chance she does too. (altho the pathology report said it did not "appear" she had celiac)

If anyone has any thoughts or comments on this we would appreciate it. It seems this is an epidemic.

Thank you.

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