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Hashimoto's Testing While Gluten-Free?

13 March 2013 - 04:40 AM


I was diagnosed with Celiac just over a year ago. I have adopted a strict gluten-free (and grain-free) diet. I eat very clean, no processed foods, no soy, no dairy etc. yet I am still not feeling better. Very fatigued all the time. I am starting to suspect my thyroid. They checked my TSH when I was diagnosed and it was fine, but in my research I see that TSH is a poor test for Hashimoto's, and what they should be looking for is antibodies. My question is this: since Hashimoto's has a clear link to gluten sensitivity/Celiac, if I get tested for it now, will it come up negative since I have been gluten-free for a year? This week I took my cousin for Celiac testing, as she has many symptoms of Celiac. Come to find out she was diagnosed with Hashimoto's and Graves Disease as a child. So there is a family history. I have booked a doctor's appointment but would like to know what the odds are of a false negative.

Thanks so much!

5 Year Old Boy, And Possibly Me?

03 June 2012 - 05:21 PM


Just for a bit of history - I was diagnosed with Celiac in March of this year, and my 7 year old daughter was diagnosed in February. I had both of my boys tested as well, and they tested negative.

Recently, my kids went to visit their dad for 2 weeks. When they came back, my 5 year old son had a horrible rash on both of his elbows. It was itchy, and he said it hurt. I took him to the doctor, who seemed skeptical that it could be DH, but after my insistence, said to come back in a week and she would biopsy it. However, it seems to be disappearing. Is it possible that this could be DH? I read it was rare in children.

Since my daughter and I both have Celiac, I decided to make us all gluten-free. They have not knowingly had any gluten since my daughter's diagnosis in February. I asked my doctor if I should give him some gluten if the rash starts to go away, to see if it flares it. She said no. I picked up some crackers today and am debating whether to give them to him. His Celiac test was negative so it's not like I am knowingly giving gluten to a Celiac... and at the same time, if this is DH I feel that it is my only opportunity for a diagnosis, since likely there was some cross-contamination from his dad's house. His biopsy is Wednesday... if I give him some gluten over the next few days and it flares his rash, will that make it more likely that it is DH? Is that enough exposure to get a positive biopsy result? Should I trust that my GP knows how to biopsy for DH properly?

Also, when I took my son in for his appointment, I also booked an appointment for myself for what I thought was "hives". I get this intensely itchy rash on the backs of my hands, that sometimes also appears on my arms, the backs of my knees, and on my back. They are little tiny bumps that look like pimples when they are inflamed, and are so itchy I want to scratch my hands off. I assumed they were some kind of allergic reaction, as I wasn't really knowledgeable about DH, but now I'm wondering if that's what I could have as well? I didn't think the backs of the hands were a common site for DH. I have some scarring when they are not active. When they flare they are like tiny white blisters, and get redder as I scratch at them. I asked to be referred for allergy testing but now wondering if I should biopsy for DH as well. Does it matter if I already have a firm Celiac diagnosis and am gluten-free anyway? If I am gluten-free, could I still be having DH flare-ups?

Thanks for any help!


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