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#772580 "borderline" Celiac

Posted by on 10 February 2012 - 08:55 PM

Thanks everybody! I appreciate the feedback, and y'all are right... no two Celiac's are the same. I mean honestly, the initial symptoms that sent me to the doctor weren't GI related. Though I've seen studies that say Celiac has a larger body of symptoms found outside of the GI field than previously thought.

My tests came back as a low positive. I had ordered the tests through my allergy DR after I found out that one of my sons had Celiac. Then, we were all tested and me and one other son had it! The allergy doc said I could see a GI or just try going gluten free, but I wanted to know for sure so I saw the GI.

What kills me is that when we were going through the whole diagnosis process for myself and one other son is that both me and my husband both had people who told us that they had a kid who "did have celiac but now the doctor says they have outgrown it."

I wish I knew what planet these doctors are from. My kids' pediatric GI doctor and everything I read says that you cannot outgrow this thing. And, even if you are "low" positive, reading about all of the things that you could get, from stomach cancer to lymphoma to liver disease, isn't it worth being proactive and protecting your health by going gluten free, even if there's just a chance? We had dinner with another doctor the other night, and he was asking about if we've planned our cheat days. I was like "what?" I wanted to "tear" into him, but he was a client of my husband's, so I couldn't really go off. Gee, what are they teaching these days?

Good luck!!!!
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