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Melissa Palomo

Member Since 29 Jan 2012
Offline Last Active Aug 06 2013 01:25 PM

#783192 Healing Through A Chiropractor. Mmmhmm.

Posted by on 26 March 2012 - 07:55 PM

Karen I am trying not to read in to what you posted but I'll admit I'm almost a bit offended at the suggestion that this makes me seem unreasonable and stupid - perhaps my post came off as though I was believing that this was true? I thought I made that quite clear - that I sit in the camp that I believe it can't be cured. (Was the "mmmhmm" in my post title not taken as a "rolling of the eyes" style comment like it was intended?)

My curiosity is more on what it is that makes people believe they are cured - that is what i want to read on. And hard facts against it. As I mentioned - without an endoscopy I wouldn't believe it. I was wondering if anyone had any studies handy that proved exactly what my theories were - that perhaps people "feel" cured but an endoscopy showed otherwise.

I thought it to be an interesting topic to think about, I guess it's not interesting to discuss theories at all for some people - for me, it is. And my theory is that perhaps people feel better but are being harmed without realizing it since they're not "proving" that they are cured medically and instead are using anecdotal evidence of "feeling better" and translating that as cured. I was hoping to find information along those lines.

And I think if anyone would say that they wouldn't be happy for a cure one day - that's silly. I am always open to the fact that one day, Celiac *may* find a cure. Call me an optimist. I'm hopeful that one day my husband's type 1 diabetes will be cured, too. And cancer. I'd hope that my optimism that one day things may be different for people with health issues isn't taken as weakness or me being unreasonable. ETA - note I am a total realist and cynic. I don't think we'll ever see a cure, at least not in my lifetime. But it doesn't mean I don't have hope that it could happen still.
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#777906 Just Got Home From Thailand...

Posted by on 02 March 2012 - 09:25 PM

The best part? When the food was good, it was very very good.
Posted Image

...and when it was bad, it was horrid. Ok it didn't *taste* bad - but I did get the wrong meal delivered to me and ate it. Good thing I'd already preemptively took some pepto bismol that day (ah, love gluten-free traveling) and didn't get as sick as bad as I could have.
Posted Image

And I had forgotten all about these bad boys. Yup, those are fun with Celiac disease.
Posted Image

GoPicnic meals were also found in my luggage in abundance and I tried to replace one meal/day with one. It was easy and they aren't too shabby for an adult lunchable. ;)

But see, it wasn't all bad!
Posted Image

But the Celiac Travel cards were a life saver. Yay for those! Find them in many languages for download here: http://www.celiactravel.com/cards/
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#770108 Critical Replies

Posted by on 01 February 2012 - 04:13 PM

I don't think a single forum exists out there with *no* drama - and if it does, it only has a single member. :lol: I run a forum, I get how difficult it can be to maintain the peace. I think this one has seemed quite nice and welcoming thus far, but I'm used to boards full of catty bored women. :P People need to do their best to type as though they were speaking to one face to face... beyond that? Taking the good and leaving the bad is my best advice. :)
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#770105 Makeup And Anxiety

Posted by on 01 February 2012 - 04:08 PM

Well I am most definitely a makeup snob, admittedly. ;) I would absolutely switch brands if necessary but I think it's something that each person should evaluate - for themselves - and not immediately jump to freak out. That's all. I'm glad you've found something that works for you - and others might find something different that works for them. Glad we can all offer our individual perspectives and realize that it's possible for different strokes to work for different folks.
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#769858 Makeup And Anxiety

Posted by on 31 January 2012 - 08:08 PM

I'm simply telling you what my own personal experience has been. Obviously I'm not eating my eyeliner (thanks for that, Melissa), but it is right around your *eyes.* Clearly. Which are mucous membranes. Also, if you are anything like me, and rub your eyes when you're tired or frustrated or angry or overwhelmed, or if your makeup runs when you're crying or sweating or you're taking a shower, it can very easily get into your mouth.

If you happen to be a super sensitive person, gluten in your makeup can very much be a problem. ENTIRE makeup lines have been developed for this very reason. Ditto soaps and skincare products. No, not every celiac needs them. But don't be stepping on other people's lived experiences just because YOU'VE not had a problem with it.

I have massively improved physically (hair stopped falling out) and emotionally (anxiety much decreased) when I got rid of topicals with synthetic dyes and gluten.

On a side note, Original Poster Ally7, you may be having an issue with getting more sensitive to cross contamination. I have been over the course of getting better. I work as a retail manager in a home improvement store, and a lot of the drywall and drywall paste happens to have gluten in it, coincidentally enough. The constant exposure to the dust has been making me more sensitive. There may be things in your environment that you're not aware of yet. I didn't even think about my issue until Yolo brought it up in a post a while ago.

Eep - it seems that there's only one right answer here which is "use only gluten-free makeup"? I shared my thoughts - and said "of course everyone is different" but I also don't think makeup is something that *most* Celiacs need to jump up and throw away right away. It's worth an investigation and some research, and everyone should be able to make an informed opinion based on their own experiences.
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#769636 Makeup And Anxiety

Posted by on 30 January 2012 - 09:59 PM

I am kind of into my makeup and haven't had a problem with anything. Now, of course you want to keep an eye on the lipsticks especially as Gemini mentioned, I don't think it's urgent that you switch everything out right away. Many people use products with gluten in them topically just fine - I mean, I don't usually eat my eyeliner or anything and I doubt you do, either. ;) Of course everyone is different, and people with sensitive skin or other allergies may react differently than I do... but I haven't had any GI reactions from my eyeshadow or foundation. ;)
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