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In Topic: Newly Diagnosed And My Head's Spinning!

02 December 2013 - 06:20 PM

Hi and Welcome!


It can feel overwhelming at first with the lifestyle change...with time it becomes second nature, so hang in there.  I was diagnosed Celiac 2 years ago...it really does get easier.  I am married with 4 kids...one of my children also has Celiac Disease, but the rest of the family doesn't.  Here are a couple great tips people gave me that helped...


1. Buy a "Gluten-Free Shopping Guide"...I bought mine on Amazon.  This helped tremendously when I grocery shopped but was unsure about reading labels.  I was able to take most of my regular recipes that I cooked for my family and make them Gluten-Free simplyby altering ingredients.


2. Keep your own butter dish in a cupboard so kids don't accidently use...now I label my own mayo, pbutter, etc with big gluten-free on the lids & my kids know not to "double dip"...however, when they do forget, we laugh it off(and I grab a new jar for myself next time I am at grocery store)...this change was new to the entire family


3. Make sure you have your own toaster...I bought a cheap one in a different color from our "regular" toaster...


4. You will eventually find flour mixes that you love...trial and error...I will say, my favorite is "Pamela's Pancake & Baking Mix"...it makes fabulous muffins, pancakes, cookies, etc. 


5. You mentioned dairy...I also had to stay away from dairy for a while until my gut healed some...each person is different, but I do know that is pretty common


6.  I love the advice above to "be careful, not paranoid". 


Be patient with the journey!

In Topic: Feeling Overwhelmed

01 September 2013 - 03:50 AM

Hi again...The I.V. treatments were for dehydration.  For about a 5 week period of time, I was dehydrating even though I was drinking fluids...I know that logically doesn't make sense, but it is what happened to my body.  Both of my doctors recognized that & had me come into the office & would give me bags of fluid.  It would perk me up so much...I had them a couple times a week for those weeks.


The other "staple" in my diet during those first awful months were bananas, scramled eggs & chicken soup.  I still make that chicken soup when I go through a period of upset tummy( I keep it in freezer baggies in my freezer).  It is simple to make...boil a chicken for a few hours in a big pot of water(you can add spices if you like...most McCormick spices are g.f).  Take the chicken out & pull off the meat & bones...use the broth from the chicken as a soup base.  Add cooked rice & carrots(or any other frozen veggie that you like)....very easy, healthy & soothing for the gut.


Remember that you are in that beginning stage of "healing" your gut.  Even though "technically" you should be able to eat anything g.f., your gut may not be ready.  Also, other foods may bother you...for example, it is very common not to tolerate dairy...I'm hoping your doctor talked to you about some of that. 


It can be overwhelming at first...especially when you are sick on top of trying to figure this all out.  Soon it will all be second nature to you & hopefully soon things will turn around for you. 


I hope you get those days off work to rest! 

In Topic: Feeling Overwhelmed

31 August 2013 - 06:01 AM

I was diagnosed 3 months ago with Celiac and I'm not any better. I'm underweight and malnourished.I work a very physical job with employers who don't care. I struggle everyday with fatigue and joint and muscle pain yet I go to work everyday when alot of people call out alot. Today I asked if I could use 2 vacation days along with my regular 2 days off and they said no that I had to give them a week's notice. It's going to be slow at work then and they could get someone to fill in for me.I've been in tears  all day and I am so tired of this.Nobody understands, that's why I came here looking for support.I feel so alone and like nobody cares.I am so depressed. I take vitamins everyday and have been on a gluten-free diet. I started losing weight 3 years ago the doctor said since I'm older it will take awhile to heal.I come home from work and literally and go to bed until the next day. I spend my days off in bed because I'm too tired to do anything. Thanks for listening and would love any advice you may have.

Hi...you are in a great place for encouragement on this forum!   


You are pretty new into your Celiac journey of healing right now & it takes time...especially if you are a little older.  I'm saying that to encourage you not discourage you.  I was 40 when diagnosed....in Fall of 2011.  I had lost 22 lbs in a few weeks & struggled with malnourishment for months...I had to get IV treatments.  Thankfully between this forum & actually knowing a woman that struggled with Celiac after being diagnosed later in life, I was reassured that I needed to be patient(not that I felt patient with how miserable I felt!)


I don't think I put any weight on for almost a year...I am now almost 2 years in to my journey & I still struggle to keep the weight on(haha...never thought I would complain about that in my life).  But, I am also so much stronger & better than when I was first diagnosed.  I will be honest that my body is not what it used to be...I keep telling my husband that part of this journey is "learning to live in this new body".  


I don't know what to say to help with your work situation...that's tough.  Have you found a local Celiac support group?  That can be encouraging.  I struggled to eat because it hurt & I had no appetite...probably the best thing I did was make fruit smoothies out of bananas, frozen blueberries, frozen peaches or strawberries, vanilla yogurt & PROTEIN powder...it is difficult to get enough protein at the stage you are at.


Hang in there...get as much rest as you can...be patient with the time that it takes...hope things turn around at work!

In Topic: Multi-Vitamin Suggestions?

15 May 2013 - 11:59 AM



I like the idea of dividing the vitamin in half.  That makes sense...especially until the gut fully heals! 

In Topic: What Do You Do At A Wedding?

25 April 2013 - 10:43 AM

You have already gotten quite a few great responses.  I'm just going to add a quick response too since we have had several weddings in the past year & I have had the same issue. 


Usually the wedding invitation states who is catering...I have had good success calling the cateror or restaurant myself & just asking if they are familiar with g.free & if they can offer a g.free alternative.  I can tell pretty quickly if they know what they are talking about or if I need to eat beforehand & make sure I have a purse full of food with me.  :)  I get really sick too if I get glutened.


Since I LOVE chocolate, I do bring a piece of chocolate of some sort in my purse...otherwise I feel sorry for myself not getting that wedding cake...ha! 


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