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Member Since 03 Feb 2012
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Needing Some Encouragement...anxiety Kicking In

25 August 2013 - 04:22 AM

Hi...I read posts on here regularly, but I haven't been writing on here in a while because I have been doing really great after such a long struggle.  I was diagnosed Celiac by biopsy in Fall of 2011...really sick.  Well, I have been spending the past almost 2 years healing...ups & downs...but so thankful to be heading up more than down.


I finally felt well enough to start looking for part time work(my hubby works & we have 4 school age kiddos).  Our medical bills are so crazy from the period of time I was so sick, & I want/need to help out financially. 


I took a wonderful job a couple weeks ago that I begin tomorrow & my symptoms have absolutely returned.  I am so frustrated.  In my head, I'm sure this is completely anxiety kicking in...something I havent dealt much with but seems to be magnified in this new Celiac body of mine.  I've lost 7lbs in the past week, I get sick every time I eat, mornings are now my worst time, & I think I am panicking because I don't want to end up in the hospital again.  


I just need some encouragement & advice from some of you that have lived with Celiac Disease longer than me.  Is there anything you take to calm down your insides?  Is anxiety another angle of Celiac Disease that I have to get a grip on...if so, how do you deal? 


Sometimes I feel like I have conquered living with Celiac Disease...other times I feel like the disease is kicking my butt!


Thanks for listening... 


Multi-Vitamin Suggestions?

15 May 2013 - 09:40 AM

Hi...just want some input on multivitamin supplements for women(I'm 41).  Diagnosed with Celiac the Fall of 2011...doing a lot better(whoohoo), but still having fatigue. 


Also, I notice some multivitamins have "wheat grass"...I'm getting mixed input on whether or not it is ok.  My first reaction is "no" to anything with the word "wheat"...anyone know?




I just picked up Core Daily-1 by Country Life

Any Tips On Handling The Holidays?

10 December 2012 - 12:22 PM

I am a little over a year post-diagnosis. Last year at this time I was too sick to care about the holidays. The tempting food wasn't remotely tempting...I wasn't attending parties...I was surviving on scrambled eggs, bananas & homeade chicken soup.

This year I am trying to keep a thankful heart because I AM so thankful to be feeling better...not back to 100%, but better. However, I go through these periods of feeling overwhelmed by the fact that this is FOREVER!! I am reminded of that every time I go to a bridal shower, holiday gathering, out for dinner, etc. When I listen to everyone ooh & ahh over the food (that I can't eat),I have to check my own attitude. Somebody tell me it gets easier to have a good attitude!

So, some of you that have lived with Celiac or gluten-intolerance, could you give some ideas on handling holiday & party issues. What are some things you do when you are staying with relatives? Any fun ideas to make Christmas parties fun even though you can't eat 90% of what is served. I always offer to bring g.free goodies to share, but just wondering what some of you do to keep a positive attitude in the midst of such a lifestyle change?

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