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In Topic: Canyon Bakehouse?

10 February 2012 - 01:58 PM

But, if you think that way, hon, you're going to find yourself eating nothing. That's not good.

Let me explain something. Maybe it will help.

On this site, for every single product that is posted about ---there will be SOMEONE who will say "I got sick!!" from it. And then, panic ensues. :unsure:

Why? Because people may have different food intolerances or another reason why it affected that ONE person. I have a weird histamine intolerance going on right now. I cannot tolerate too many foods with high histamine levels--which means no eggs, cultured or fermented foods, soybean, berries, citrus, fish, Wine (dammit! :)) and chocolate! arrgh! I have burning skin, swollen eyelids, neuro problems, musculoskeletal pain, D, etc. that flared up in the past few weeks.

I KNOW it is not gluten I am ingesting causing this.

So, if I "react" to Glutino crackers or mayonnaise, for example, and come on here and declare "Glutino crackers and Hellman's mayo made me sick!" does that mean it has gluten in it ? nope! Does it mean it is not safe? Nope. Does it mean I am so super sensitive I cannot eat packaged foods? Nope.

It just means I can't eat it right now. (I was accidentally CCed nearly 8 weeks ago --because I AM a sensitive celiac-- and my system is still jacked up and inflamed.

I just discussed this with my doctor yesterday. He told me it will pass and to give it time.

It's not always about gluten CC in products that is the reason why we feel sick. Honest.

And so, you may be intolerant of many foods --as I seem to be right now, but it does not mean you cannot enjoy some packaged foods from dedicated facilities and it does not mean that just because one person became ill from one product, that you will, too.

I hope this puts your mind at ease a little?

Thank you for this, it does make me feel better. I ate just plain rice a couple of hours ago and still feel really sick, I think I just have to take it easy, it seems like when I get sick I just can't eat things for a while and it sucks. omg yeah that sucks, blah. I get SUPER bad joint pain too, mostly in my hips, it makes me feel like i'm 80 years old. It seems like there are other things I am having reactions to and can't pinpoint what they are. I'm wondering if I should cut out allll dairy and soy, I haven't cut out soy before and never really paid attention. idk. it sucks it's so up and down :( brown rice noodles seem to make me nauseas, it seems like only quinoa pasta sits perfectly with me, everything else makes me feel kind of sick. I sometimes wonder if I'm developing a problem with rice? ughh

In Topic: Canyon Bakehouse?

10 February 2012 - 01:39 PM

As we tried to explain to you, just because one person has some problem with it, doesn't mean you will. It may have nothing to do with gluten.
You can find people on here or at the mall that get sick from eating green peppers or celery. Does that mean you can't eat it? There would actually be nothing you could eat in the whole world if you only ate stuff that made no one sick, ever.

Are you looking for reasons not to eat things? Maybe you should go back to the doctor? Maybe simple, cooked, whole foods and some digestive emzymes?

I'm not trying to be mean. I'm just being blunt and get you to think of a few things. :)

No lol it's the opposite, I'm trying to look for validation that things ARE safe to eat. I've been trying a lot of new things the last few months and was doing well but then got very sick as a result of trying, and I'm starting with the one new food a week rule and trying to find things that will be safe to add. I just want to make sure I'm getting some input as to whether it's a good idea to try something or not, because the one time I didn't do it, with the stupid tortillas, it set me way back and I am moving soon and have to work and save up my money and I can't afford to be bedridden for weeks or laying around in the hospital

In Topic: Canyon Bakehouse?

10 February 2012 - 01:35 PM

Yes, I can relate. My Neuro symptoms are the worst for me. CC Glutenings take me down for weeks. Hate that! ugh.


that does not make me fear eating! Fear serves no purpose, so I, too, stick with dedicated facilities. Bob's and Pamela's are Certified, but if they bother you, then don't eat them.

I thought Canyon Bakehouse bread was good (better than Udis)! I do not buy many packaged breads because I am lucky that my hubs bakes it. But we keep some frozen and it is from Canyon Bakehouse.

Yeah they suck so much! Sounds like we're pretty similar then lol blahh not fun!
Yeah for sure. I do eat starkist tuna in water, and peanut butter as my sources for protein and the tuna does not seem to make me sick. I make a lot of stir fries and things like that, and pizza with the udi's pizza crust which are always super good. I finally tried olive oil the past couple days and could not tolerate it even though I spent days researching to find what was supposedly the safest one and now I'm sick again but caught it quickly. :( Oh nice, that's good I bet and thank you I think I'll switch over to that. I'd like to find tortillas I can have instead of the bread, but have yet to find any I know are safe. Are there any you can tolerate, do you know? A lot of people say mission brand, is it actually safe from CC though? :(

In Topic: Canyon Bakehouse?

10 February 2012 - 01:23 PM

Can you post the THREAD for me, please so I can post to it and clarify it.

I see people posted at the very bottom saying it is actually certified, but I was unsure if this person was actually getting sick or not because from my experience, if anyone has ever gotten sick from a product I will almost surely get sick

In Topic: Canyon Bakehouse?

10 February 2012 - 01:21 PM

Gluten free almost a year and you can only tolerate rice and vegs?

Have you been checked out by a GI doctor, hon?

I can tolerate other things but I'm scared to try a lot of things, too. I've had a lot of "gluten-free" things make me sick, and yeah I have a GI doctor. If things are made in a dedicated facility then I'm fine, like Enjoy life products are something I eat without a problem. And I've eaten a ton of those fruity pebbles treats ever since I was diagnosed. But Amy's makes me sick which I've seen is common anyway, food for life, same story there. All lay's products etc etc. I eat glutino, schar, udi's and enjoy life products but I have to be careful of glutino now because of some of their stuff packed with eggs and dairy. Pamela's made me really sick every time I ate it and Bob's Red Mill made me sick too. Haven't found beans or chips I could have without feeling crappy yet, blah. And once I'm glutened I'm screwed, I don't get the stomach cramps and D for a few days( I WISH!) I'm bedridden for 2 weeks, with a billion symptoms, severe nausea and terrible weight loss and muscle wasting, paleness etc. and neurological ones pretty bad. (myoclonus and tremors, dizziness, brain fog, depression, at my low point I had a crappy seizure)

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