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Member Since 04 Feb 2012
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Topics I've Started

Canyon Bakehouse?

10 February 2012 - 11:59 AM

Has anyone tried their products? Right now I eat Udi's bread and I really love it. But the store I shop at here has a bunch of canyon bakehouse prodcuts they rave about and their cranberry muffins look SO good and I've been eyeballing them for months. But I haven't gotten them because I saw someone on this forum saying that they aren't trustworthy or certified (even though it says they are?) and saying they got all sick from their products and stuff and they sounded pretty pissed... so idk which is true, are they safe or not safe? They look good and I'm tired of just wondering... :huh:

Need Updated Info... Having Difficulty With Broths, Soups Etc.?

05 February 2012 - 12:11 PM

Okay so I need some updated information because I keep finding outdated stuff.

I'm like the most anal person ever about what I eat since I'm supersensitive, and I'm very hesitant to trust things that say gluten free as I've gotten burned from CC, and I know I absolutely cannot have Amy's, Bob's Red Mill, Pamela's etc. and almost nooo mainstream products claiming to be gluten free. Well, the ONE time I don't check something 10x before eating it and research the company, I get sick. It was those stupid Food For Life brown rice tortillas, which I found people talking about on these forums and realized that THAT'S why I'd been feeling great and suddenly started having all these crappy symptoms and feeling like I was dying for a few weeks. I'd been going through packs of those like crazy. Just my luck. So now I'm trying to recover, and once I get glutened I'm on my death bed for weeks... I am starving and I look like a skeleton, and I need food. I saw a lot of good things on mccormick bouillon cubes and wondered why I cannot find them anywhere, then saw on their site that they were discontinued...

So basically I need things to eat while sick and trying to heal, and I would like soup type stuff because I can't take anymore onion and garlic water ugh. Anyone know of good broths and things that have NO possibility of CC that could make me feel a little better? Or anything at all? I keep finding old information and topics from years ago.

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