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In Topic: Going gluten-free Made Grave's Disease Worse?

29 November 2012 - 03:02 PM

Ok...I understand what you mean. I do not know that much about Graves treatment as I have the opposite problem so thank you for the little education!

That is strange because the med is an immune suppressant so your thyroid should be behaving. The gluten-free diet should improve absorption...maybe you haven't started to absorb better yet as it can take a little while for that to happen and so, short term, the thyroid is getting worse? It wouldn't make sense but something has changed since you started the gluten-free diet.
There is definitely a huge difference between hypo and hyper and you can't mistake that one! I do know that nuking your thyroid might be needed and it's not such a bad thing. I have friends who have had it done and they are doing fine, with no side effects. Kind of spooky treatment but is it better to take an immunosuppressant for life? You have to weigh the pro's and con's. I think they nuke more here as it's easier to control your thyroid afterwards. They can supplement with hormone replacement if they knock it down too low.

I hope they can find a reason for this or I hope it calms down for you and further treatment won't be necessary. Good luck...I am sorry I couldn't be of much help. Thyroid problems totally suck....especially hyper-thyroid. Hope you feel better soon!

Thanks Gemini! That was a really nice response. I dont know anyone who has had their thyroid nuked (except a friend of my mom's daughter but she had cancer and had her thyroid removed first!) so it was really nice to hear that real individuals were fine after. And you are right - spooky is totally the word for the treatment. I keep picturing myself glowing when the lights are off like on cartoons. I know that doesn't happen but it's still an image in my head.

In Topic: Going gluten-free Made Grave's Disease Worse?

29 November 2012 - 08:54 AM

I'm on Tapazole which is a thyroid and immune supressant. Been on it with very little dose deviation for 8 years. I expected to have to go down on my dose after going gluten free and each doctor I tell I am having thyroid problems assumes I'm too hypo from too much meds now. Not the case. I'm too hyper and just went up to the max dose of tapazole. I've had a large range of symptoms because of this culminating and really not functioning in my day to day life well.

And yes a lot of people with Hyperthyroid do get their thyroid nuked right away. Because I was/am so young and was tolerating and was stable on tapozole before, my doctor continued me on the drug (it's actually the common practice in Europe, while nuking is the common practice here). Now since it seems my thyroid won't get controlled (I mean I just went on the max dose so I won't know for a while if it works) I'm getting pushed by my endocrinologist (whose opinion I do trust), my primary care dr (whose opinion I don't trust) and my mom (whose opinion I rely on too much). I wanted to post as a last ditch effort to see if anyone else has experienced this and what happened. (thanks to those who already posted!)

In Topic: Do You Think Everyone Has Celiacs?

28 November 2012 - 04:16 PM

I've done that a little but mostly with relatives because of the increased chance that they could have it. Unfortunately the two I think most likely to also have it are rather flakey and I don't think have done anything about it. On the other hand my immediate family got tested after I was diagnosed and my brother's doctor (a rather prominent guy) said he would bet money my bro didn't have it - he had no symptoms, or so he thought. And yep, you guessed it my brother was positive and had more extreme intestinal damage than me! It just shows that EVERYONE should be tested!!

In Topic: Going gluten-free Made Grave's Disease Worse?

28 November 2012 - 04:08 PM

So my fear has been realized! My thyroid function as continued to get worse and I found out today that I'II have to have radioactive iodine and nuke my thyroid : (

Just wanted to post my question again and expand it a little. Has anyone one had an autoimmune disorder that after going gluten free changed? Got better? got worse? I keep asking doctors and no body, not endocrine doctors not celiac experts, seem to have an answer for me as to why this is happening now. I keep hoping my thyroid will go back to my normal. Heck I thought after going gluten free I'd be able to go down on my meds. (weirdly it seemed to help some of my other food allergies calm down. I'm eating apples for the first time in 10 years).
Anyways please post any insights! I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing (this whole deal is stressful enough). Thanks!!

In Topic: Werther's Original Hard Candy

27 September 2012 - 05:47 PM

Has anyone settled this yet? There I was sucking my delicious werthers' hard candy only to see it has glucose syrup made from wheat in it! I was horrifid!! I've since done some research on glucose syrup but I'm still very confused! I've found that according to the werther's site, gluten free living magazine site and (in another post) the Australian New zelend equivalent of the FDA and celiac foundation that its fine. Yet I've seen numberpus posts by people who say they have problems. It seems to be a real issue abroad as glucose syrup in the states is made from corn. It just happens that werther's are from Germany. I'm a silent celiac and can't tell on my own what's causing a problem. Has anyone else figured this out? I mean scientifically, not just being scared of the idea or the word 'wheat'.

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