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#799847 Is This Anyone Else?

Posted by on 01 June 2012 - 05:45 AM

Yes, I too lost a lot of my life to gluten. Of course, I didn't realize it until reading about celiac, and the light bulbs went off in my head. (of course THAT could never have happened, had I not went gluten-free! I couldn't think while eating gluten!)

My parents were poor farmers and we never had health insurance. In one way, that life saved me, because we grew our own food. What is now called "organic". Very little was ever purchased at the store.
Mom made everything from 'scratch', including canning our own pickles and ketchup. Our meat was from what we raised.
Dad was picky about how he fed the animals that he butchered for family consumption, and how the milk cow was fed.

I was an asthmatic, sickly, wisp of a child, to the point my parents were teased that they never fed me. My uncle in another state was a dr, and his wife sent my mom a nutrient drink for me. After that drink, I got obese, and fought my weight the rest of my life. (wish I knew what that was!)

While I was a good student for the most part, I have very little memory of much my life, childhood included. I am floored at how some people remember details of their childhood, where I can't remember years! Celiac brain fog now explains that to me.

As an adult, I never caught viruses. I read here, somewhere, about our immune system being in such overdrive battling the poison we kept putting in, that some of us don't catch viruses. That makes sense. I have not had a cold in 35 years, or the flu in 30.
However, I still live in a farming community, and every fall for as long as I can remember, I get a lung/asthma/sinus problem. I figured out years ago it had to do with harvest. Now it I know why! Gluten in the air!

I can trace IBS symptoms to the poorest times of my life. IE eating more 'cheaply' by eating breads and pastas.
I can trace my worst memory lapses to that time also. My poorest times were my most stressed, and I always thought it was due to 'nervous breakdowns'. Now I know my missing parts were induced by gluten.

Though I never 'caught' illness, I have been ill all my life. I just ignored most of it and went on. Thats life and aging, right?
Dr's offered pills to mask symptoms, but I always refused. I thought it was part of living to be sick and aching.

The 30+ years of joint pain, boils, swollen lymph nodes, raging heartburn, bouts of disabling exhaustion, 'sensitive system' that gave me "D" or constipation, depression, low self esteem, grumpiness, sinus aching, anal itching, constant upper back pain, edema, hair, skin and nail problems, etc... have all disappeared with going gluten-free.

Being sick isn't part of living.

I am more than a perfectly functioning human now. I have a sense of humor, I laugh! My family would SLAP food out of my hand, were i to try to eat gluten again. (which I never will!) They love the new me, but not more than I do! I feel like I have been given a second chance at life!
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#779336 Feeling Yucky

Posted by on 08 March 2012 - 05:49 AM

I feel your pain! I have kept a good spirit throughout the process, but for me its has seemed three steps forward and one back, which is frustrating me.

I personally took the route of eating only a few things that I knew were safe for me... eggs, chicken, non-gassy veggies... then adding in something else, one item at a time. If there was no reaction, I added another. If there was a reaction, I waited at least a week before trying another new item.
And yet, my body is changing, now rejecting things that were ok a month ago! Joke is on me.

But the path to wellness is worth never putting another croissant into my mouth!

I can't help you with when to eliminate more items, since I did the opposite way. But I can send hugs and empathy for your frustration and physical symptoms!

Good luck!
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