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Member Since 16 Feb 2012
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Topics I've Started

Safe Otc Medicines?

27 September 2012 - 10:43 AM

I am in search of OTC medicines that others can take without reacting. I live in a farming area, and harvest is in full swing. Though I have not consumed anything to react to, I am having issues with fluid in my ears and a mild congestion, that I am certain comes from airborne sources.

I am Celiac with corn/soy/dairy/peanut intolerances. Even the teeniest bit of any of these can cause a week long reaction.

Specifically, I wonder if anyone with similar intolerances has reacted to name brand Sudafed. It used to be my 'go to' medicine for fluid in my ears. I haven't had the fluid since stopping gluten/corn/soy/dairy/peanut, so I hadn't tried it. I have not had a reaction to a hidden allergen in over two months, and would like to keep that going! I don't want a setback!

I called the compounding pharmacy, and the minimum order they will make me 90 pills of Sudafed for $100 but insist on using a "filler" that they do not know the source of. (could be rice, corn or tree bark, no guarantees). I do not want to risk that much money and a reaction!

Please give suggestions to me... what you have found you can take that you don't react to.... by way of cold medications, or allergy meds.

Sudden Adversion To A Food I Can Eat?

30 July 2012 - 05:38 PM

Due to beef, pork, corn, soy, dairy and gluten (all grain) out of my diet, I already seem to have a limited amount of things to choose from. I am somewhat fearful to try new things. I just want to keep healing, not slow it with a reaction to something. (not that it hasn't happened!)

I thought maybe fish would be good. I love fish! I can't have tuna, I reacted to it, assuming it was the 'water' (broth) they add to it.

So I sat down two months ago to eat tilapia. I used to eat it once or twice a week before the 'gluten crash' and changing my diet. I was only able to eat a few bites and I suddenly felt I couldn't eat it or I would be sick.
So I threw it away.
I kept thinking that my mental reaction to that was SILLY. I LOVE FISH! So I tried again, determined that I would get past my mind, playing tricks on me before. I didn't get through three bites before I knew I had better stop, or I would throw up my entire supper and not eat.

Any one else have this happen? A sudden aversion to a food you used to love? That for all you know, is ok for you to eat?

Have I developed a sudden neurosis? My logical mind says I love fish. (or it used to, now it says stay away from it) But when put in my mouth, I want to be sick. I suppose it could be my body warning me it doesn't want fish.

I have NEVER in my life had a reaction to a food like that before. I am a person who would try anything edible. I might not like it, but I would go ahead and swallow it. It wouldn't gag me.

Someone please tell me this happened to you, so I don't feel so odd!

Rebounder Or Mini Trampoline

16 June 2012 - 05:04 AM

Just two weeks ago I posted here while having a very 'blue' day. It was also two weeks after my rebounder arrived.

I have desperately searched for 'my key' to weight loss. I know one issue I still have after 6 months of gluten-free is inflammation. Not only am I mildly obese, but my scales fluctuated 10 lbs, depending on the inflammation still in my intestines and abdomen. I looked pregnant! And it was no longer bloat, that is long gone.... this is inflammation.

I have religiously done Elimination diets to find what I might be having a reaction to. Added healthy fats. Eaten such a clean diet that body builders have nothing on me.

I have not had my thyroid checked yet. I still intend to do that. I know I have an issue with my lymph glands. I have suffered unexplained by the doctors swelling of them for over 10 years. I know that thyroid and the lymphatic system issues go hand in hand.

I have been up and down the scales all my life. Up to and as recent as 3 years ago, used to lift weights and work out. Since my 'crash' and self dx 6 months ago, I just couldn't get myself to go back to it. I felt exhausted when I tried. (a sign of thyroid issues). Looking at my muscle atrophied from the malnutrition of the last few years, and lack of working out made me want to cry.
Parts of me seem better, while others are wasting away.
I was so weak, barely able to lift my grandchilden to hug them. Any physical activity made me ache, and I had no stamina. A quick grocery Shopping trip, wore me out.

Then I read about rebounding. It perked my interest. NASA studied this at length (you can search their test findings on google).
It seems a gentle bounce can stimulate our lymph nodes to 'empty' of toxins. Well, after laying around for a year, mine had to be full of something. Even more full than the last 10 years. Lord knows I haven't been 'bouncy'!

The first two weeks on the rebounder, just gently bouncing, so gently that my feet did not leave the mat, I felt like a kid being silly. I haven't felt that silly in a long time! But that feeling of silly is kind of fun. Being on the rebounder is a bit addictive too! So I acted like a kid and kept getting on. Maybe only 5 minutes, but I had to bounce.

My scales began to move, but until I passed the 10# mark I felt I couldn't count it. Since my weight has gone up and down with the inflammation.
Well, I am at 15 lbs lost! I think I can count it now!
I don't know that I have lost fat, I can only hope. But I do know my tummy now looks like I had my baby, not that I am still carrying it! I am sure the weight lost was inflammation. But YAY! Its going away!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am just now feeling comfortable enough to bounce a bit higher, leaving the mat. I have had a lot of vertigo over the years, and I was scared to be more aggressive, even though I was beginning to feel I could be. So I want to make clear, I have not tried to be an acrobat on the rebounder, and yet I have lost 15 lbs of something I certainly didn't need to be carrying!
My stamina is coming back! A long walk with my grandchildren doesn't make me want to collapse. I have even been to the park and played with them, while laughing instead of just trying to hang in there for their sake!

On the net you can see many advertising websites that make claims of all that rebounding can do for your health, and many amazing testimonials. I didn't buy into all that hype, preferring to go with medical studies instead. I don't know what all rebounding CAN do a body, but I must say, in my experience, its doing something!

I don't share this to brag of my loss! I want to give back to this forum! You have all helped me immensely, and I swear I would NOT be alive today, were it not for all of you!
If I can help one person here by sharing my experience, I would feel even better!!!! Just knowing I have given back some of what I was given.

Pity Party, Frustration, How To Lose Weight?

18 May 2012 - 05:35 PM

This is partly a whine, and mostly begging for someone to give me a clue as to what I can do to improve my life, and get some of this weight off, and have some energy!!!!

I haven't had a good nights sleep in 3 weeks, so this is adding to my mental state of depression. I went from sleeping like a baby, to suddenly cannot fall asleep or stay asleep. Two nights of melatonin hasn't helped, but I will keep it up.

I am mildly obese and miserable. I tried all last year to lose weight, no matter how much I ate or how little, how much I exercised or lay lethargic, I stay the same weight.
Even when I had 6 weeks of raging mucus diarrhea and not eating for days on end back in January, I didn't lose an ounce. I thought it was inflammation? And that as I healed it would ... melt away....?

I am not officially diagnosed as Celiac, (tho I had "failure to thrive" as a child and had many lung/breathing problems then. I believe I was born with this) but most definitely at the least have a gluten intolerance. I have been on gluten-free diet for 4 months now, last accidental glutening ( a tiny pill "got" me) 3 months ago.
Within a month of going gluten-free I discovered the secondary corn/soy intolerance and removed those offenders.

I 'tested' myself for dairy and do fine with that, tho I eat very little of it.
I did not substitute with any gluten-free processed foods. I have cut out all grains and legumes. I even quit drinking any coffee or tea. Just filtered water.

My diet basically consists of lean chicken, and fatty fish. Occasionally I have eggs, lean beef or pork also. And veggies, except no potatoes.
Nearly no fruit.

I use only coconut oil, that is what I make my salad dressing with.

I take good gluten-free, CF, Soy Free vitamins. extra c and d, as well as getting sun. I also began Glutamine, as I read it can help heal the gut. Though it reduced my already small appetite. I somewhat force myself to eat most days. Then I question if I should force myself... or listen to my body and not feed it.....?????

My brain fog lifted immediately after stopping gluten, but seems to be back with no changes in diet or supplements to show a cause. I sound like a blithering idiot some days when I talk. Its quite embarrassing.

This weight and my weakness is misery. I was a strong person before my crash. I have lost so much muscle, and I can't even open a jar myself anymore. I know with my weight remaining steady, I have replaced muscle weight with fat weight. Most all of it is in my stomach. I am trying to exercise, even weight lift, to regain some muscle and help budge the weight. Though the last two weeks I haven't the energy.

i barely make it through a day, with not getting good sleep. I have been hoeing in my garden some, I try to keep moving, but my muscles feel like rubber.
.... at least I am not gaining, I guess....

Anyone have any ideas? I have read until I am exhausted from the knowledge, I have implemented so many things, and still I feel I am not getting better, since the brain fog remains. I know a lot of things have improved greatly.... I guess I am impatient? Reducing my weight can't come soon enough....


'laramar' Bars Recipes, Easy And No Bake!

25 February 2012 - 02:47 PM

Being gluten free has led me to delights I would have never tried. One of them being Laramar bars!

I stumbled upon a website where a lady perfected making them at home.

BEWARE!!!! They are better than the originals!!!! All it takes is ingredients and a blender or food processor! The fudge babies are to die for!!!!!

Laramar Bars Recipes

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