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Member Since 14 Jun 2005
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In Topic: Do I Have Dh ?

23 August 2005 - 06:21 AM

Hi !

Some news. I did endoscopy / coloscopy because i feel very very bad with gluten (chronic diarrhea, fatigue, muscles pain, headaches..).

There is no villous atrophy, just an unknown mild inflammation of duodenum, and presence of lymphoid germinal center.

I'm sure i'm definitely very sensitivite or delayed allergic (the same thing?) to gluten. A little amount of gluten give me symptoms :wacko: (piece of bread, tomato sauce with wheat starch or even rice krispies!)

Since i'm on gluten free diet, my skin problems have decreased a lot, as you can see on these pics :

That's strange because the rashes sounded like DH : a kind of insect bites with fluid inside, and the rashes were symetric around the mouth. The only thing (and the most important) thats differs is the lack of itching/burning. :huh:

In Topic: Do I Have Dh ?

30 June 2005 - 04:02 AM

Blood tests (transglutaminase / endomysium) are negative.

In Topic: Do I Have Dh ?

15 June 2005 - 03:51 PM

Thanks for the support :P

I don't know if it's really DH because these rashes aren't painful/itchy at all. And there is no blisters, just liquid looking like sebum. Strange.. :unsure:

Nevermind, i'm waiting for blood results and after my doctor will do an intestinal biopsy.

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