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Member Since 21 Feb 2012
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How Many Of Us Assume A Gfd Will Fix It?

11 November 2012 - 03:52 PM

When I was diagnosed back in Feb by my Doc & Specidlist, they both patted themselves on the back for a result and, in an almost cavalier manner told me to hit the GFD and in no time at all I will feel heaps better.
Eight months later and I am still waiting to feel better. Some of us don't respond and that leaves us shattered to say the least.
I mistakingly believed I would be one of the early responders and when that didn't happen, depression took over.
How many others are there who have failed to respond to a FULL GFD , without cheating ;o). Have you found ways of overcoming that and what were they?
I've started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet today, beginning with the intro diet.
Fingers crossed

Eight Months gluten-free & Struggling - Paleo?

08 November 2012 - 08:46 PM

Hi guys, I come and lurk in here every so often and get encouraged by everyone's posts but I've hit the brick wall.

I was diagnosed in March of this year [2012] and started GFD on 17th March to be exact. As far as I know, no gluten has passed these lips since. My Dear Husband [DH] has had Chronic Fatigue for years so his diet is restricted and we're just so careful, neither of us want any food reactions. Both of us drag around the house, now. I use to be the fit one [Ha ha].

But I feel like shite. I have no interest in food at all, I wake feeling nauseous almost every morning and generally have no energy to do most stuff. Hot sweats. No two days are the same. I have lactose free dairy, eat almost no bread, have cut back on the sugar intake but I know I'm not eating nearly enough fresh veggies, just can't seem to get them passed my mouth!

Rice porridge or smoothies for breakfast, stuff all for lunch, soup or porridge, then chicken or steak with lettuce and boiled potatoes for dinner. I know it's not ideal but I just don't feel like eating.

I've been taking probiotics, digestive enzymes, Vits B6/12/C/D/E, zinc, magnesium until about two weeks ago when I just couldn't face taking any more pills. I know I'll have to start again cause I need them. Have just ordered some Glutamine online.

I've been reading about Paleo diets and wondered if I need to go down this road in order for my gut to even try and heal but I really don't know where to start. Having been a fairly high carb eater it's all a very new form of eating for me. I was always skinny as a kid and adult until menopause when I put on some pounds around the middle, so what I ate was what I felt like eating. Never a bad diet but not over the top with veggies. I do like fruit but not eating much of that either these days.

I think I should be cutting out all dairy and grains, but it's all just got too hard. After years of being careful of what to feed my DH you'd think it would be easy but it got harder would you believe!

I was always capable of tackling any problem that came my way but now I find at 65 my sponge is full and as Scotty said "she just cannae take any more!". I need a diet coach. Do we have such ppl in Australia?

Any ideas/suggestions will be gratefully received :o)

Life Essence

27 April 2012 - 04:12 PM

Hi Guys
Any one who remembers the movie "The Dark Crystal" might recall the poor little creatures having their 'life essence' drained....well that's about how I feel.

I've only been gluten-free since 17 March. Was diagnosed Coeliac with bloodwork and biopsy. The first 10 days of gluten-free was wretched as I went through detox then I notice a bit of a change for the better and nothing since. I wake every morning feeling as though my life essence has been drained. Not much energy and no inclination to do anything. I've been keeping my brain busy by helping index the US 1940 Census through FamilySearch.

I'm trying to eat as well as my lack of appetite will let me. I take a Blackmore's multivit, Caltrate that contains calcium and Vit D, Fish Oil and an extra big dose of Vit D once a month as ordered by the doctor. My bloodwork showed my Vit12 as within the range. What else might I take that could help?

I feel like a wet tissue..........

Patience is one thing I lack and I can't take a pill for that.......

Are We There Yet?

29 March 2012 - 06:07 PM

I am newly diagnosed Coeliac by blood work and an Endoscopy. No known history in the family. I have always been a 'well' person. Would go to the Doctor only twice a year for my HRT script.

At the end of the year I turned 60 it all started. I neglected to go to the physio for a sore shoulder and ended up, all through 2008 with an extremely painful Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Encapulitis). That same year my lovely father-in-law died with bowel cancer he had neglected to tell us about and our youngest dau's marriage was in severe meltdown.

We have two girls, both living over 2000klm away in Queensland. At that time both were married to soldiers based up there who were doing deployments to Afghanistan.
By Christmas Eve 2008 I went into a nosedive with major anxiety I believe brought on by the extreme pain and stress of the last year. Was prescribed Citalopram and after about 10 days of adjustment, it kicked in and was my new best friend until Nov 2010. When I had a very big 'blip' and crashed. I came back up again and thought nothing more of it.

We had had another horrific year with the eldest dau. Youngest dau's marriage was in healing mode and that was good but eldest's husband got to Afganistan on his 5th deployment and decided he didn't want to be married anymore to his wife of 18 years, he wanted the younger girl in Admin and so started a campaign of terror when he came home. I was up north helping her to pack up house and move. She has two boys. Just a note here that even after all this time he is still terrorizing her.

The 'blip' in my antidepressant treatment at the end of Nov 2010 happened on a weekend when ex son in law took the youngest boy of 4 years for a 3 hour visit and didn't bring him back. We had no idea where they were. The custody papers that my dau thought were all in order, weren't, he had never signed them so the Police were powerless. Eventually after 3 days he bought his son back to my other dau's place. But the damage had been done. Post Traumatic Stress was burnt into all of us.

What has all this to do with my coeliac problem, most of it I believe. All the stress "turned it on".
I flew up to Queensland in May of 2011 for 2 months to help. Had a couple more 'blips' but then when I came home, I had a slight one on Friday night 6th Aug watching telly and I have been sick ever since.

My former doctor of 10 years kept upping my Citalopram until I couldn't function. I was feeling 'unwell', fatigued all the time. Off my food. Another doctor in the same practice kept changing me from one AD to another until a couple of months back I changed to a Doctor who practices Integrated Medicine. He listened quietly to my story and straight off order the blood work for Coeliac....had the biopsy 2 weeks ago and here I am.
The only symptoms I have had is chronic fatigue and just not feeling well. The bloods showed a deficiency in Vit D but my iron and essentials are normal.

Gliadin IgA - 86 (< 20); Gliadin IgG - 100 (< 20); Transglutaminase IgA Ab - 27 (< 4); Biopsy has shown a shortening and flattening of the villi.

I've started the GFD as of Saturday 17th March 2012. That is written in red in my diary :P:)

I've had a wretched 2 weeks. I began taking another AD some months ago before I knew about the celiac disease, it's called Mirtazapine. Now I was unsure if it wasn't being totally nice to me. Mirt. can have a side effect of making you anxious (go figure)....I didn't know which symptoms were celiac disease or the drug so last week (with doc's approval I decided to cross fade from Mirt. to Citalopram because I knew what to expect from the Cit. BIG mistake, only started Cit. on 10mg and I was SO sick for 4 days that I stopped it. Now I'm not on anything.

I hate the mornings, mainly. I wake with my stomach filled with ferrets all running about and hot and sweating. I usually cry (big sook). Work up the courage to have breakfast. Use to have a cuppa tea first up but find that makes me worse. As the day goes on I can feel a tad better but I'm usually a bundle of misery.
Yesterday I took an Ativan 1mg that I just happened to have and within 45 minutes I felt a calm wave over me and for the rest of the day I could actually function. I've taken another one at 10 am this morning because I have an acupuncture appt. at 2pm and I think I really need it (the acupuncture that is). Still had a weep sitting in the sun.

My so lovely husband says I'm being too hard on myself and I should go back onto the Mirtazapine if it will help.......I JUST DON'T KNOW ANY MORE! I don't know what to expect.

The glossy Coeliac mags are all full of bright ppl having great lives, traveling the world and recipes, but what was their life like before the GFD kicked in......and I can barely face food.
I don't pretend that the diagnoses was a blessing, I am a person who has not been seriously ill in her life, never had an operation, never broken anything and now, not only do I feel so wretched, my freedom of choice for the rest of my life has gone and I have to get use to it, no fish n chips from the corner shop, no Smarties at the kid's parties. I know there's substitutes but it's not the same. I will get use to it but at the moment it sucks.

I've been put on a Health Care Plan of dieticians, bone density tests, follow ups etc so that's all good but it's the day to day grind of getting from one day to the next. I just Praise The Lord I don't work and my husband is a caring and capable man.

And so endeth my testimonial. I apologies for the length and if I've put it in the wrong spot, so sorry. You are all great folk out there.

Wendy Lavender - Australia

Never Dreamt I'd Be Coeliac

21 February 2012 - 11:45 PM

Hi Guys, well here I am, a newbie, after the last lot of tests came back today.

Transglutaminase IgA Ab..........27 U/ml (<4)
Gliadin IgA......................86 Units (<20)
Gliadin IgG......................100 Units (<20)
Total IgA........................4.04 g/L (0.69-3.09)

Have an appt. with the Gastro Doctor for a consult 15 March was the earliest I could get and I'm on their cancellation list. If I pay for the biopsy instead of going with Public Health, I can get in most probably the following Friday as long as I part with $1500AUD. Otherwise it's on the waiting list I go and I can't wait any longer.

My history is pretty much the same as a lot of other members I think. Had been on Citalopram [antidepressant] up until August 2011 when it appeared to stop working. Doctor tried me on a long list of other AD's without any luck. Have been so "not well" for so long, I changed doctors and went to see one who practices Intergrated Medicine. He started me on Esoteric Acupunture [different from other acupuncture] and did a series of bloods. He dropped a bomb on me when he announced it looks like coeliac disease!!! I'm still gobsmacked. Would explain why the AD's wouldn't work. My ESR had been high for over two years, other Doctor commented on it but did nowt about it!

I know of no one in the family who had/has it but then my parents died years ago and either one of them could of gone undetected.
Oh well, nowt I can change so just have to educate myself using the good old internet and [hopefully] a good dietician :D
Wendy in NSW, Australia

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