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In Topic: This Only A Trial Test?

25 February 2012 - 09:21 AM

Choc chips are gluten-free. I use Nestles.

YEAH!!!... :D Thank You!!!

In Topic: This Only A Trial Test?

25 February 2012 - 08:50 AM

Look at this thread.


There is a pavlova with a fruit. You could use chocolate pudding instead. I put the whole thread on here because I thought you might find it interesting. We have lots of recipes, some simple and some more complex on this forum.http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/public/style_emoticons/default/ohmy.gif

This is a really easy & yummy choc chip PB cookie with no flour.

OH Kareng...Think I am going to try making those cookies tonight!!!well that's if I can find gluten-free chips!?! :o ...Those look yummy!!!...THANK YOU!!! :)

In Topic: This Only A Trial Test?

25 February 2012 - 07:11 AM

[quote name='eatmeat4good' timestamp='1330136824' post='776068']
ok, where is that killer link for a chocolate pie in a meringue shell?

To OP: Welcome and I just want to say what a charming post you have written. It captures the complexity of the newly gluten free beautifully...complete with not "stepping on his gluten brain."

You really have educated yourself aobut this very well. :)

I agree with the idea of focusing on gluten free meals and just the immediate CC issues.
You could share information that you have read on here...that is...if his "gluten brain" is up for taking the information in. The important thing is he is willing to try and that is just great.

I was in a similar position when I wanted my son to go gluten free but he was not wanting to. I asked him to give me 2 weeks gluten free. He said no way! I had just finished eliminating gluten from the household (no small task indeed) and I knew he couldn't get gluten at home. He went 4 days gluten free and then ate pizza with his friends. I just prayed it was long enough without gluten to cause him to have a physical reaction. It was...his reaction was severe. So I guess my point is....how long to be gluten free before challenge varies. He may have a reaction after two days gluten free...or he may not. If he doesn't, then you can say that you have read that some people need to be gluten free longer to be able to determine if it is a problem for them.

Make delicious gluten free meals and desserts and show them how yummy it can be. Be supportive like you already are...and find a way to talk about a longer gluten-free period before challenge when you know he can handle it. It sounds like he might be open to it. Also, if the itching is from gluten, you can talk about the fact that skin issues sometimes take longer to resolve on a gluten free diet even if they are caused by gluten they may not respond in say two days.

Have fun with it too. There is no reason you can't do the challenge as a practice run and then do the experiment again later if you need or want to. Each time you do it you will learn something and so will he.

Now don't you think that she should share that chocolate pie link with us??
Let's start with that!

Best of luck!
[THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU TOO!!!...I AM SOOOO GLAD THAT I FOUND THIS SIGHT!!!...Both of these responses helped more then you know!!!...I can actually see above the pool of Gluten that I was swimming in yesterday!! Oh!...and I am with you about that Chocolate Pie Link??!!?? :D ]

In Topic: This Only A Trial Test?

25 February 2012 - 06:52 AM

Hi Jinx, you sound like a lovely, concerned girlfriend. Since your DP has already been tested and wants to give gluten-free a try, and the diagnosed son is visiting, I'd do this: Buy a new cutting board and one non-stick pan, a new dedicated toaster (you can get one for $5.00 now). Save sorting your gluten-free free foods out for later. I'd concentrate on meal plans, check the forum for breakfast, lunch and dinner items.

You could buy a few new condiments unless you've been using the kind in a squirt bottle.

If you grill, I think I got contaminated a few times because we used to grill pizzas and yeast buns on the grill, so I'd avoid that unless you wrap the food you're going to grill in aluminum foil.

Your stainless steel pots will be fine, it's just the porous plastic, wood and non-stick finished pans and cooking utensils that could CC. If you've been guilty of leaving your utensil or silverware drawer open while buttering a piece of gluten toast or bread on the kitchen counter, I'd focus on cleaning those first. I'm a little OCDC about that, because I was amazed at the amount of crumbs in my silverware drawer. Even if your BF ends up not having celiac disease, you'll feel good about a wicked clean silverware abd utensil drawer, all organized and all of that.

As far as stepping on his gluten mind, my DP always used humor and didn't make an issue about the gluten-free dinners. They're really normal meals. Meat or fish or beans, potatos or rice or squash, fruit, veggies, dessert or not. (There's a killer link for a chocolate pie in a meringue shell that is fabulous!)

If you have a slow coooker, this is a great resource, http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/

Good luck! If you have any questions, everbody wants to help!

Dear Marilyn R...THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!...Funny how a person can read and read about this and then when it came down to it...was at a total loss as where to even begin...to say the least...of course having ADD does not help in crunch time!!!...LOL...So after reading the responses it put me back on the path of some sanity???...Which brings me to say that we dined on a "Edible" gluten-free Supper last night...and the Bf even made homemade Ice Cream...but was dreaming about that chocolate pie in a meringue shell!!!...Where would one find that recipe!??!

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