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Member Since 01 Mar 2012
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Topics I've Started

Blood Test Results

17 April 2012 - 06:09 AM

So according to my test results I am negative for celiac but.... I am very low in iron. This surprised me very much as although I don't eat meat (I do eat fish) I am a bit of a health nut, and eat masses of green leafy veg, dried fruit (all the high iron ones like raisins, figs, prunes etc) beans such as soya beans and kidney beans and I take multivitamins and use protein powder which also is loaded with added vitamins and minerals.
The doctor has put me on iron pills - according to the bottle the 'normal dose' to treat anaemia is 2 tablets per day, I have been put on 3 per day! It's not like I am large, or heavy, I am 5ft 2" and wear a UK size 6 clothes! so there is not much of me to need a bigger than normal dose.
I have to go back in 3 months for another blood test to see if that has fixed the problem.
I was also given some info on Irritable bowel syndrome and some Colpermin capsules to try, for my stomach/bowel symptoms.

The thing is I don't know now whether to go back to being gluten free now or to wait until after the 3 months on iron, because if I stay on gluten and taking the iron does not resolve the problem (if it is an absorption issue), then it gives a genuine picture of things. However if I take the iron AND go gluten free at the same time, then the doctor will just put the improvement down to taking the iron alone.

It also is nagging at the back of my mind that I had gone gluten free for a week or so, and did a 6 week gluten challenge before the blood test, and I worry that maybe I had not eaten enough gluten...as the first thing my doctor asked was if I had been eating gluten at the time of the test.
I don't have the actual results (as UK GPs are not generally happy about actually handing over the numbers).

My feeling at the moment is just to take the iron (and colpermin) and see what happens to my iron level. It would perhaps explain why |I have been feeling even more exhausted than normal!
Has anyone else had similar results/ low iron etc?

Blood Test Question

16 April 2012 - 05:04 AM

I finally got a can appointment to get my test results tomorrow... Whilst it is a relief that the wait is almost over, my anxiety is really hitting the roof now!
What I am wondering is, what do they look at in a celiac blood test?
As I have been asked to come in to discuss the results, I am assuming the test was not 'all clear'. So I am wondering what it could have shown up, if anything? Obviously it could be positive for celiac, but is there anything else it could show up that may warrant my being recalled that may not be celiac?
Maybe I am just clutching at straws here, but I was wondering if the test covers anything else, or is it most likely that a recall means a positive result for celiac?
I know I will have my answer tomorrow, but I am trying to mentally prepare for what may/or may not happen as best I can.

Can anyone else share their experience or shed any light on how broad the testing is (in the UK). If you had the test, if you got recalled, and what happened next....
I think I would really be going nuts without this forum :-)

Gluten Free Protein Powder/bars (Uk)

16 April 2012 - 12:57 AM

It seems the UK is not so geared up with gluten free stuff, especially when it comes to protein bars/powder etc.

I have found that Holland and Barrett own brand protein powder is gluten free (and states as such on the label)

I also read somewhere that Luna bars gluten free. I have found a UK supplier here, but there is no nutritional info about those specific bars so I don't know if they are the gluten free ones. Can anyone identify them and confirm if they are?

Also, if anyone is ok with small amounts of oats then Trek bars have 11-12g protein per bar, and all natural ingredients.

I have just ordered some Pulsin Maple Peanut Protein bars which are vegan, gluten free, all natural etc and has 12g of protein per bar .
In fact Pulsin have a lot of gluten free stuff on their site including all their protein powders: hemp protein, pea protein, soya and whey.

No One Thinks It's A Big Deal....

15 April 2012 - 12:37 PM

People in my life don't seem to think that the prospect of my having to go gluten free is any sort of a big deal...It's like they think it will be as simple as deciding not to, I don't know...drink tea for a week. I don't think they get just how huge the change would be, how gluten pervades so many things and what a learning curve it is, and why I am so worried about the fact I have been recalled following the blood test. I only have some understanding from being on this forum, so I feel a little better informed.
I won't have a definite answer until see my doctor (who has been on holiday, so it is taking forever!), and I am worried sick since I have been called back I am prepared for the the test results to be positive (as I was told they would not call me if they were clear). However, everyone just has this attitude that it is no big deal if it's positive.

Am I just being over sensitive? I just want to get my results so I know what is going on, but I am worried that if it is positive that people are going to carry on treating it like it is 'nothing' and not get exactly what going gluten free means...
Has anyone else had this sort of reaction?

I Can't Wrap My Head Around This...

09 April 2012 - 11:18 AM

Essentially my issue is this...
I did the gluten challenge, and had my blood test, now I am having to wait till after the bank holiday weekend to make an appointment the doctor has asked me to make to discuss the results. I am expecting the worst, as I was told I would not be called in if they were normal....So I sort of feel like I am on a 'gluten count down'. I don't want to stop just yet in case they want to do any further tests (which would require me to still be eating the stuff), but I feel my gluten eating days may well be numbered....
Whilst I was doing the gluten challenge I hated it, and only ate what I had to. I generally am quite a healthy eater, yet yesterday I was compelled to get a Chinese takeaway, I knew it would make me feel horrid, and its something I would only eat once in a while, but I felt like I had to get one in maybe before it was off limits forever!
The same compulsion made me buy a bag of those soft, fresh cookies from the in store bakery at the supermarket at the weekend.
I suddenly feel like I need to have 'just one more' of the things I do like, that maybe I only eat occasionally... because there is some deadline looming which means I will never have those things again.
What I can't get my head around is the fact of one potentially one day very soon a lot of foods I have been eating are likely to suddenly be off limits. It's the same food, and all that will have changed is knowing what the cause is, as opposed to guessing and actually having a name for the reason. It is somehow driving me to make myself feel terrible in trying to have the things I enjoy one more time all in a short space of time....and of course I am aware that I am also likely to be causing more damage with a gluten overload, as it is way more gluten than I would normally even have, as my diet is normally not even that high in gluten!
I am being an idiot...and I know it, but I am finding it hard to be rational....

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