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Anxiety Issues In 10 Year Old Celiac Daughter

17 July 2014 - 08:02 AM

My daughter has been diagnosed about a year and half.  She's had some continued ups and downs related to the celiac and is currently on miralax as she was getting a lot of stomach cramping/constipation.  That seems to have helped a lot with the frequent tummy pain however we're now dealing with a lot of anxiety.  She is nervous in any situation where she may not be near a bathroom and gets a bit panicky.  In turn, I think the nerves cause some digestion distress (nervous tummy) and I feel we're in a bit of a vicious cycle.  We've tried to cut back on the miralax thinking maybe it was working too well but then the stomach cramping comes back.  It seems like it's actually keeping her quite regular but the anxiety is now what is causing her tummy distress but I've been unsuccessful trying to settle her down and not worry in these situations that are outside her normal routine. I'd love to hear suggestions as to how to help her feel better!  I don't want her to start holding back on activities due to this new anxiety. 

Shakes/supplements To Gain Weight

18 December 2013 - 11:25 AM

My daughter was diagnosed 1 year ago and has been gluten-free ever since.  We are 100% gluten-free at home and her bloodwork all looks great so I'm fairly certain she is not getting gluten in her diet.  The problem is she is still not gaining weight.  She dropped off the chart for weight and BMI.  We had a follow-up yesterday and her doctor told her to start to high fat/high calorie shake supplements a day.  She gave us some pediasures as samples as well as a list of shakes to make at home w/ added protein and fat.  Pediasure was not a hit with the first try but I blended it with some frozen berries and that was slightly better.  Does anyone have experience in helping a celiac child gain some weight?  What worked?  She eats fairly balanced but she's never had a large appetite so I know this is going to be a struggle.  She seems motivated to try and eat more.  Funny how when mom and dad harp on her for months to eat more it doesn't register but now that the doctor told her she's onboard so I'd love some more tips on what she can eat as I suspect shakes are going to get old really quick with her.

Food Log App?

02 October 2013 - 05:00 AM

Anyone use a food log app?  There are several out there but would like to hear if anyone uses one in particular (don't want to spend $1.99 if it's a total waste). My celiac daughter is having some ups and downs and I want to try and track her foods so we can look for triggers and I figure it will help when we go for her next appointment in December.  I figure an app might be a fun way to get her involved in the process. 

Probiotics? Other Supplements For Kids?

01 October 2013 - 05:49 AM

Anyone give their kids probiotics or other supplements to help? 


A little background: My almost 10 year old was diagnosed with celiac last December.  The first few months were great gluten-free but lately she's been having tummy ups and downs (she's at the too embarrassed to share bathroom issues with me phase).  I started her on gummy probiotics a few weeks back and it really seemed to help so I thought I'd found the solution to keeping her regular but now it seems the issues are back. 


Any tips and tricks from parents out there as to what helps keep your celiac kids feeling well?  We plan to keep a food log to see if there is another obvious trigger that we haven't clued into.  95% of the time we eat at home in a completely gluten free kitchen.  When we eat out, I'm also celiac so we eat the same thing and I've not felt any obvious signs of gluttening (although I know she may be more sensitive than me). 


So hard to figure out when she's at an age where if I push her to share too much then she shuts down completely so I feel I'm walking a thin line trying to figure things out.  I do have her onboard with the casual "hey, lets just experiment with the things you eat a bit so we can make sure you feel good all the time." 

Children's Allergy Medications

09 September 2013 - 05:12 AM

My celiac daughter is having some fall allergy issues.  My son (non-celiac) who has more severe allergies takes allegra chewables however I cannot find any concrete info on whether these are gluten free so I hesitate to give her those.  I did read that Zyrtec chewables contain gluten.  Any recommendation on a gluten free children's allergy medication?  I did check glutenfreedrugs.com but they don't differentiate between adult and children meds on the list and I suspect they could be different especially with the chewables.