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Topics I've Started

Issues With Eyes, Sensitivity To Light

23 February 2015 - 09:30 AM

9 years ago before diagnosed with celiac I had a case of optic neuritis.  My eyesight was completely blurry and required IV steroids.  I had follow-up appointments with the neurologist but MRIs did not show signs of MS.  After diagnosis, I had done some research and turns out there can be a link between optic neuritis and celiac (auto-immune inflammation).  My eyes have been fine since until the last week where I'm having a lot of sensitivity to light.  My vision however is not impacted this times - but my eyes are more comfortable with sunglasses or dim light.  I've ignored symptoms in the past and don't want to do that, but certainly don't want to set off alarms if my eyes are just strained.  Anyone else have this issue occasionally and what do you do to help? 

Anxiety Issues In 10 Year Old Celiac Daughter

17 July 2014 - 08:02 AM

My daughter has been diagnosed about a year and half.  She's had some continued ups and downs related to the celiac and is currently on miralax as she was getting a lot of stomach cramping/constipation.  That seems to have helped a lot with the frequent tummy pain however we're now dealing with a lot of anxiety.  She is nervous in any situation where she may not be near a bathroom and gets a bit panicky.  In turn, I think the nerves cause some digestion distress (nervous tummy) and I feel we're in a bit of a vicious cycle.  We've tried to cut back on the miralax thinking maybe it was working too well but then the stomach cramping comes back.  It seems like it's actually keeping her quite regular but the anxiety is now what is causing her tummy distress but I've been unsuccessful trying to settle her down and not worry in these situations that are outside her normal routine. I'd love to hear suggestions as to how to help her feel better!  I don't want her to start holding back on activities due to this new anxiety.