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In Topic: Ethical (And Legal) Question On Enterolab

14 August 2012 - 03:26 PM

Sharilee - THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing all that reasearch. I really appreciate that you took the time for this. Based on what you found I will not be ordering the test and having it sent elsewhere. I don't want to be a partner in crime, the law is the law and I will go along with that. I'll go through my doctor and hopefully he will agree to it.

Thanks, Jane

Your welcome, glad I could help

In Topic: Ethical (And Legal) Question On Enterolab

13 August 2012 - 05:10 PM

Sharilee - it says so on their web site •The states of New York and Maryland do not allow their residents to purchase medical testing directly from a clinical laboratory.. I've looked at other sites and some of those won't sell to anyone in the northeast. I don't know the reason why. My state is also one of the few that won't license naturopathic physicians, the reasons may be related.

Did a little research on both Maryland and New York's laws on this. New York's law is codified in Title 10 of NYCCR and Maryland's in Title 10 of COMAR both are written essentially the same, and basically Enterolab would be subject to heavy fines if they sell directly to a consumer in Maryland or New York. So Enterolab probably does pay close attention to where their tests go and the billing address. Basically it is a crime for Enterolab to sell to you but I did not see any penalties addressed to the consumer for buying.

So if you order a test from Enterolab and ship it to your friend in another state and use your billing address, Enterolab may question it and depending on their refund process you may not get all your money back. Since they could get in trouble but you yourself would not get in trouble legally. Ethically you would be causing Enterolab to break the law if they do not catch it themselves.

In Topic: Ethical (And Legal) Question On Enterolab

12 August 2012 - 08:52 AM

How did you find out that you live in a state that requires the order be submitted through the doctor? A lot would depend on why it is illegal to do so in your state. Which would depend on your state's particular law. It may only be illegal to order it directly if you intend to use those results for submitting to insurance or something like that. But using the results for your own personal information may not be illegal to order.

I can't say for certain but I do not remember having to sign a disclaimer as to the state I live in when I ordered from Enterolab. I only remember having to sign a disclaimer as to who I am, my date of birth, weight and height (information I guess they use in interpreting test results).

I doubt seriously they pay attention to the amount of orders they receive that the shipping address and credit card billing address do not match. Also that is probably fairly common with their orders anyway as a family member may be paying for another family member's test so they would not match.

I doubt you would be slapped with a federal fine as although federal law would apply because of more than one state being involved and the mail, the feds have much bigger problems, if you were to get in trouble it would more likely be with your individual state but that is unlikely to as your state is probably not concerned with minor violations either.

In Topic: Rip Ernest Borgnine

09 July 2012 - 01:49 AM

RIP, one of my all time favorite actors.

In Topic: Little Wins That Other People Don't Get

02 July 2012 - 12:35 PM

I will look forward to that day. I was just diagnosed last week, after about 14 years of ever increasing symptoms. The toilet was a first warning sign for me. My wife (ex wife now, yes, it cost my marriage) would be so upset at how much time I spent in the bathroom.

It does get better with time. I have been gluten free since late February and it took about three months for things to start to return to normal. I still have problems but not every day like I was, now I will go several days with no problems. I am sorry it cost you your marriage, any type of illness can put a strain on marriage.

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