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#781946 Newly Diagnosed

Posted by on 20 March 2012 - 01:22 PM

Don't go gluten free until after meeting with the gastro doctor, he will probably want to do a biopsy of the small intestine and once you start eating gluten free the small intestine begins to heal and it may mess up the results.

My celiac was stumbled across by chance. I never had any real severe digestion symptoms, I had fatigue, brain fog, dizziness etc. The doctor ran the antibody test because I was hypothyroid/ hashimoto disease and my meds were not working. I tested positive for the celiac antibodies. No one in my family has celiac (my mom was tested once because of IBS but was negative for celiac). Then before the biopsy I expressed very stressful situations at work and emotional stress and the digestive problems came in full force. Then the biopsy was positive for celiac.

I am new to this (diagnosed a month ago) and reading the posts on this forum, I have noticed people have varying degrees of digestive problems (some none to some severe), that the symptoms vary greatly and mimic so many other diseases.

As for going gluten free, it does take time for the body to heal before seeing the symptoms subside. I am just now feeling better and Saturday will be one month gluten free. Also once you do go gluten free you have to watch for hidden gluten, I never thought it was in a lot of the foods I was eating and it was. I carry a copy of the forbidden ingredient list with me in my purse and I look everything up.
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