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09 November 2012 - 10:30 AM

I've found out the hard way that I am SUPER SUPER SUPER sensitive and I really need to take a bunch of supplements/vitamins for another health condition. Where do you get your supplements? What are the safest brands?


08 November 2012 - 11:38 AM

So I've only been able to eat white potatoes, white rice and seeds for the last few months without violent pain. I'm about to try chicken stock, my first bit of meat in over a decade. My doc was originally suspecting Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth as the cause to this severe malabsorption, and because the tests for it aren't too reliable he decided to do a trial of antibiotics. If they made any bit of difference it would be evidence of SIBO, if not on to the next suspect.

I have Lyme Disease and I've been (successfully!) following an herbal protocol for the Lyme the last few years, but the goal with herbal protocols for Lyme are more about boosting the immune system and letting it suppress the bacteria, so I knew this experiment with antibiotics would stir / anger the Lyme since that bacteria is still (and probably always will be because of how long ago I contracted it) in my body. Boy was I right. If I had any doubt that I have Lyme disease that doubt was completely eradicated when I started the antibiotics. I had an especially horrible herxheimer reaction (worsening of symptoms as massive die-off of bacteria overloads the body with toxins) that scared the living shit out of my boyfriend. As expected, most my old lyme symptoms came roaring back (limb numbness, migraines, shoulder pain, muscle pain, tinnitus, abdominal cramps/pain, muscle spasms, brain fog, anxiety, depression, fatigue, nausea, back pain, black outs, tremors, etc etc) to a degree so unbearable I got suicidal. The pain just broke me in half. I somehow withstood the 2 weeks and came out on the other end with no change to malabsorption issues. I can still only eat potatoes, rice and seeds. (and am now in a world of lyme hurt)

So, doc has ruled out SIBO. He's moving on to tests for refractory celiac. I'd never even heard of this and what I've read isn't good. Can anyone tell me more about it? Is the testing accurate? From what I've read prognosis usually isn't good so I'm obviously worried.

(And before you can suggest it, no, I don't think there's any way I could still be ingesting gluten without knowing. I'm only eating potatoes, lundberg white rice and david brand seeds. All my supplements I've called/triple checked on gluten content and even had 2 nutritionists look through them. All my beauty products were long ago replaced.)

Easy/processed Meat For Super Sensitive?

17 October 2012 - 10:23 AM

I am having extremely serious complications and within the last few weeks my body won't tolerate ANYTHING other than baked potatoes or white rice with lemon. (my last post here)

I appreciated all the input from my last post and some of it was especially helpful--my gastro does think it sounds like I have Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth. The problem is that to do the test for it your system has to be purged of Pepto for at least a month. Which means I can't take it until 2nd week in November. I've been living on about 1 baked potato per day then a giant bowl of white rice for dinner. I'm well aware how dangerous this is and that I need nutrients. I'm scared that in continuing this for a month while waiting for a test I'm going to do serious damage with malnutrition. (And even more disturbing to me is the fact that neither of my doctors seemed too concerned about that.) (And yes--I'm at least taking multivitamins, supplements, all thoroughly researched on allergen content)

I CAN'T HAVE FRUIT AND VEGGIES!! AT. ALL. I'm not looking for specific (Paleo/FODMAP/organic/sulfite free/etc) diet advice because right now I've tried it all except meat and I REACT TO EVERYTHING VIOLENTLY. All fruit, all veggies, all fats, all nuts, corn, soy, dairy, you name it. Potatoes and white rice and THAT'S IT. I'm posting here for easy meat solutions since meat is the only thing I have yet to try. (I admit though I'm even scared to try meat because each time I try something new my reactions keep getting stronger and scarier. I almost ended up calling 911 after trying collard greens the other night. :/ )

I want to try turkey (absolutely hate the taste of fish--makes me gag) and I want to handle/prepare it as little as possible being that I've been veggie for well over a decade, but I would think that anything processed would be sketchy. I've read that Applegate Farms makes good meats, but is that brand safe for Super Sensitives? What specific brands/products do you recommend?

Thanks so much! <3

Can Only Eat White Potatoes And White Rice Without Pain

04 October 2012 - 04:20 PM

I'm waiting for insurance to kick back in so I can see my gastro. Til then I'd very much appreciate youz guyz's expertise..

I was diagnosed in March of this year and the more time that goes by, the more sensitive I seem to be getting. I know this is somewhat common, but the sensitivity and other intolerances are progressing to a scary degree. First the dairy, then soy, then eggs, then absolutely no eating out (CC always gets me), almost nothing packaged, kale & spinach even give me icepick headaches and threat level red nausea (I think because I was having green shakes every morning for breakfast--that too frequent intolerance crap), and now it's starting to look like I have fructose malabsorption. I cut out fruit for a week and when I added it back in it was like I'd been hit by a semi. Absolutely horrific pain. Even things lower in fructose like avocado make me feel a little icky, so for the past couple of days I've just been eating plain baked potatoes and white rice with lemon and herbs. I'm SO HUNGRY but I'm finally feeling halfway decent.

I'm pretty sure corn is out, but testing that soon.
Pretty sure nuts are a mild issue as well. Cutting them out for the next few days and adding back to see what happens.

On top of all the restrictions I've been a vegetarian for 12 years. I feel backed into a corner now as baked potatoes and rice are just NOT getting me through the day, so I've been considering adding meat back in :((((((( UGGGGGGGG. I soooo do not want to but I'm running out of options here. What meats can super sensitives have?

Do you think I could have something else going on that's causing all of this? It seems a bit absurd that I've developing an intolerance to just about everything. I know the first few years of healing can be rough and painful but if it were just generic healing pain I would think I'd have it with potatoes and rice, too. This is such a nightmare.

Rest Vs. Working Out

18 September 2012 - 10:55 AM

Hey gang.
Think I've just figured out that I've been eating contaminated lentils for a few months and the backlash is kicking my butt. Along with the belly that feels like it's full of razor wire, my most prevalent and burdensome symptom is flu-like body aches. It hurts to move and all I want to do is lay down, but I also have Lyme Disease and light working out/sweating out toxins always helps with a Lyme flare-up; so I was wondering if this sorta works the same with Celiac. So far I seem to get 50/50 results with light workouts when I've been glutened. Sometimes they'll make me feel better for an hour or two after the workout but it all goes out the window as soon as I eat my next meal. Is it better to rest when you're glutened or do you find light exercise to help?


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