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In Topic: Letter From Dentist To Dental Patient With Ai Suspicions What Should It Say?

01 June 2014 - 04:03 AM

Personally I think if my dentist has sent me a similar letter 15-20 years ago I would have 1) not believed him for a second that I might have celiac and 2) freaked out cause it would be scary to get a letter like this.


However, I will say that if he examed my mouth/teeth and then verbally told me his findings it would have gone over much better.  He could have answered questions I had, reassured me I'm not going to die within the week, given me a print out, offered to write a letter to my doctor, and also told me that chances are I do not have celiac but I should perhaps be tested because there is a slight possibility of it, and it would be good to know this sooner rather than later so I can start treatment.  I think if any medical doctor/dentist sees something that is not in his field of expertise but is concerning he has an obligation to inform the patiet (for instance if the eye doctor notices a bad looking mole on the tip of a patient's nose he needs to tell the patient to get it checked out and follow up to make sure this happens, unfortunately most doctors don't have time to make sure the patient follows up.)


I remember going to a new dentist 15 years ago and the hygenist commented on something about my teeth, I don't remember exactly what it was other than some sort of abberation such as ridges or pitting or something that I now know can be indicitive of celiac but back then I hadn't a clue.  This along with a lifetime of multiple cavities, root canals an crowns should have clued a dentist in somewhere along the line that something might be going on but other than this one hygienist there has never been any mention of anything at all by any other dentist or hygenist.  Probably most dentists are as clueless about celiac as other doctors.  SInce my siblings have similar dental issues but do NOT have celiat it may just be a genetic thing.


(As an aside I just did a search of images of "teeth celiac" and I've got to say my teeth don't look like any of those. IMH, I think the vast majority of teeth problems are not celiac related)

In Topic: Are All Smarties Created Equal?

12 August 2013 - 04:25 PM

I am saying that just because the product is made in a facility where wheat is also used does not necessarily mean that it contains gluten. It may mean that there is a slight risk of contamination. If you are unsure, call the company. I also consider the type of product.

Many products which are safe for us are made in facilities where there is wheat present--somewhere on the premises.

Consider also that this label is completely voluntary. If you don't see a disclosure, don't assume that the facility is gluten-free.

And frankly, I don't personally believe that gluten-free facilities exist at all. Just because you don't intentionally bring gluten onto the premises doesn't mean it isn't there. An employee may accidentally (or intentionally) bring it in. That driver who just delivered the tapioca starch had a Big Mac for lunch and didn't wash after eating. Why would he? We are taught to wash BEFORE eating (many don't bother with that either). The postal worker had a donut on her break, and then handled your mail. I could go on and on.

In short, for me, a shared facility is not a concern. Shared equipment, more so.

Thank you for the explanation Peter.  I appreciate it.

In Topic: Are All Smarties Created Equal?

12 August 2013 - 04:23 PM

I know you checked the Smarties website but from your post I am wondering if you are saying that you are buying the Smarties brand name candy or the store brand candy. You say the label depends on what store brand you are looking at, you you mean Target brand candy or Smarties brand candy at a Target store? There is a significant difference there, especially since many large chains have their own brands with their own ingredient list which can be different with every package of similar candy.



Adelaide - all the smarties candies I see say "smarties" on the bag and are wrapped the same cellophane wrapper thas says "smarties."  So what I am wondering is are ALL smarties the same, that is do they all come from the same smarites factory, or are all smarties different, that is CVS smarties are different than Target smarties and they are different than Whole Foods smarties.   Store brand Peanut Butter cups can't say Reese's on them and I would assume they are made in a different factory than Reese's (but maybe not).  But because all smarties say smaties I'm wondering if they are all the same.  Make sense?

In Topic: Are All Smarties Created Equal?

02 August 2013 - 04:51 PM

A product can be gluten-free as the term is generally understood without having to be made in a dedicated gluten-free facility.

Do any gluten-containing products ever enter your home? If so, your home is a shared facility.

Do these products get eaten with dedicated plates and utensils that are washed in a dedicated sink or dishwasher? If not, you have shared equipment in your shared facility.

I'm probably dense because I really don't understand what you are saying.   Are you saying if a product isn't made in a dedicated gluten-free facility it is or isn't gluten-free?  If the label says it's processed in a facility with wheat is it safe to eat?  Are my bag of smarties, which note that everything but wheat may be processed in their facility, safer than another bag which does mention wheat?

In Topic: Dental Hell!

14 June 2013 - 02:29 PM

Lola - You are not alone with your dental phobia, I have suffered this for years.  You can check out dentalfearcentral.com  It is a great website with a message board full of other dental phobics.


I have suffered with terrible teeth my whole life.  First extraction at age of 11 or 12, first root canal at 17, I have now lost count of the # of root canals and crowns I have and even more difficult to keep track of them as I am now at the point where I am having old root canals redone and old crowns replaced.  I am very embarrassed about the state of my mouth. 


I just found a great dentist who is willing to work with me and my fears, he is so nice and makes me laugh.  I still hate going though and have to take valium beforehand.  With that an my MP3 player I am able to somehow get through the appt.