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In Topic: Angular Cheilitis

03 January 2015 - 10:36 AM

I  think  this  may sound weird  but  I got  this  when a  prescription  did not  agree  with  me.  SO  it  could be   a food  or  drug  issue....

It doesn't sound weird at all, but unfortunately I don't think I've had any new foods or prescriptions though it is hard to say cause it's been going on a couple years now and I can't remember what if anything changed two years ago.  My two prescriptions haven't unless the inactive ingredients have changed.

In Topic: Angular Cheilitis

03 January 2015 - 10:34 AM

There are many possible reasons you have this including Candida Yeast Infections, excessive saliva etc.  Look for other things and not just vitamin b as the cause.


Good Luck,  Colleen

I kind of assumed it was a vitamin B issue and probably B6, but now after researching some more I see it can  be yeast or bacterial.  I have used bacitracin, cortisol and a couple of other things with no improvement.  I decided to pick up some anti-fungal medication at the store yesterday but all they had was stuff to stop jock-itch.  The only thing that went through my mind when I thought of putting that on my lips was ewwww. :huh:


I read somewhere else that a couple people found relief with Vicks Vap-O-Rub so I tried that and I do think it is getting better.



In Topic: Angular Cheilitis

03 January 2015 - 10:29 AM

What kind of vitamin B complex are you taking? Is it already methylated? From what I read, some folks are not good at this process. For example, the best Vitamin B-12 is methycobalamin instead of the more common colbalamin that is found in vitamins and added to processed foods.

I have no idea if my vitamin B complex is methylated or not, and I honestly never even heard of this.  It is a CVS brand, buy one, get one free, so I would assume it probably is the more common kind.  I don't see anything on the label that has either of these words (but it is gluten-free).  Vitamin B12 isn't even part of this pill.  But I did buy another separate B12 pill when I realized this one didn't have it.  However I stopped taking the B12 because I found it had mannitol and I am very sensitive to that.

In Topic: Help...so Confused

02 October 2014 - 05:03 PM

Hi Loverbug - yes, I've been down the scabies road and so have many others here.  The dermotologist I saw insisted it was scabies because it itched so bad, he said dh does not itch (he was very stupid). My PCP's PA also said it was scabies.  I saw another dermo and had a biopsy for dh but it was negative, too late I found out she biopsied a lesion, not a clear area. This doctor said it probaly was not scabies.   I live alone, I had virtually no physical contact in the weeks before my rash. Unless you can get scabies from a grocery store cart it would be almost impossible for me to have had it but they insisted that is what it was.  No one ever did a scraping.  If I had it to do over I would not have done the scabies treatment because now I will never know with 100% cetainty that it was dh I had.  It was a GI doctor who told me I had dh/celiac but by the time I saw him the rash was 99% gone.  I also suffer from vertigo attacks and because they may be gluten related it is not safe for me to take the gluten challenge so I was told to assume I have celiac and never eat gluten again.  My biopsy came back as possible allergic reaction, which sounds similar to your possible medication or bug bite. 


At the timeof my rash I had been gluten-free for a year or two but I believe I had cross contamination.


There are a lot of similarities between the two but also some differences.  Both itch like the dickens, but dh itches more..  You wrote "so extremely itcy I serously wanted to die."  I so well remember thinking that if I had to live like this for the rest of my life I would rather be dead.  A classic symptom of scabies is that the rash is between the fingers; it dh it presents mostly on the knees, elbows and buttocks.  That's where mine started but slowly spread elsewhere.  Mine was exremely bilateral.  Almost a mirror image from side to another.  Another dh sign is burning a few hours to a day or two before a new area of breakout.


Did you husband or daughter ever break out?  If not, it would be quite unlikely that you have scabies, it is really catchy!!  The dapsone could definitely be the reason things are getting better.


Can you post pictures? 

In Topic: Dh Sometimes Look Like Poison Ivy?

29 September 2014 - 02:50 PM

RIta - I had poison ivy quite regularly as a child and can easily tell the difference.  They both itch terribly but there are differences.  DH will be symetrical and the blistering isn't as obvious.  For me the majority of the poison ivy would be gone in a week but DH seemed to last forever. Also my skin was much more sensitive and inflammed with DH.  They felt different, but I don't know how to explain a sensation. :unsure: Have you tried taking an antihistamine? 

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