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Dia. . . . For 5 Days

06 June 2015 - 03:05 PM

UGH!!  I am now on day 5 of diarrhea and am getting worried.  Having dermatitris herpetiformis my GI symptoms with celiac have always been minimal.  I accidentally got glutened earlier this year (didn't realize baking spray had wheat and was eating muffins in which the tin had been sprayed with this for about 3 weeks) and my rash which had been gone for 3 years came back, my tum-tum was okay though, no problems there.  So I doubt this has anything to do with being gluttened but I wanted to ask if anyone has any insight or idea what this could be.


Six weeks ago I started going to a chiropractor for something unrelated and he put me on this new diet, basically no carbs or grains, no sugar, no dairy, no nightshades, no chocolate and lots of fruits and veggies.  Meat and chicken are allowed as are nuts and eggs.  So for the last six weeks I've been eating a big salad of raw kale, spinach, carrots, cucumbers every day and in general have upped my fruits and other veggies.  If the diarrhea started right after the diet I would say aha, but for the first 5 weeks I ate this diet with no problem at all.  It wasn't until six weeks that this all started.  I have  no fever and my appetite is okay but I feel exhausted and achy, no energy at all.  And I'm very worried, afraid I will never be well or that it is something serious.


I have to say I'm not real happy with this diet and the last 2 days I have been eating foods that are on the no list (granola, tomatos, potatos but not a lot of these).  This doesn't have any connection with the diarrhea cause that started several days before I strayed.  I was on the thin side to start with and have now lost about 10 pounds and am seeing bones stick out that I never saw before - I don't like this at all.  Do you think there could be any connection between the diet and the lousy intestines after having no problems for 5 weeks?


Oh, one more thing.  My magnesium was on the low side in January so I've been taking supplements for that.  A couple weeks ago I had my blood retested and my levels are back up so I stopped taking the supplements last week, and it was a couple days after that the diarrhea started.  I only mention this because it is kind of unusual.  Usually people get di when they start magnesium, but not me!  I get it when I stop.



Angular Cheilitis

01 January 2015 - 07:40 AM

Does anyone else have this?  It has been about 3 years off and on for me.  I thought it was because I was deficient in vitamin B so I started taking supplements.  It finally cleared after a few months.  Everytime i stopped the vitamin B, even for a week, it would come back.  I asked my doctor and he said it looks like rosecea (stupid response, it does NOT look like rosecea, I have cracks on the corners of my lips not a bumpy red rash on my face).  Finally I stayed on the vitamin B and it went away.


Then my yearly phyiscal was coming up and I did something stupid, I stopped the vitamin B about a month before my appt hoping it would come back so I could tell my PCP and insist he find why I have this.  Well, this time it didn't come back and I never even mentioned it to the doctor thinking it was gone for good.  I stayed off the B supplements.   Then about a month after my appt it came back.  This was in June and it is still here.  I started again on the vitamin B and it has lessened but has never gone away 100%.


It hurts, itches and looks awful.  And I'm scared as to why I can't get rid of it.  Obvious answer probably is to go to to the doctor but when he looks at me and says it roseca I feel like I am fighting a losing battle.


So I wondering if a anyone else has this and if so do you know why and how did you get it to go away?



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