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In Topic: Canker Sores

11 March 2012 - 07:09 PM

I usually take the L-lysine 500mg twice a day because your body can not digest 1000 mg at a time. This used to help me in high school, but not touching me now. As far as my other symptoms: tired ALL the time, insomnia, hungry all the time- even after eating a full meal, headaches, mind fog, adbominal pain, bloating, constipation. I also have PCOS and have 2 small children, work full time, and am in full time grad school. I have been blowing off the symptoms thinking they were all related to that. I have had many stressful events in my life, but have never had constant canker sores. Recently I was put on a low carb "lifestyle" change for my PCOS and that has made a difference with my abdominal pain and bloating. I am not really strict, I am just more mindful of not eating breads and pasta. I see my Dr this week and was going to talk to him about it. Last year when I had my labs checked my c-RP was 29!! that can happen with PCOS, but it is a little scary to me considering I am only 33. What other tests should I ask for?

Sorry to have to ask, but what is CRP? Regarding the PCOS, you might want to research iodine deficiency. Some doctors claim that's what causes PCOS as well as fibrocystic breasts and thyroid issues. Celiac may have something to do with those things as well, so the iodine is kind of a whole other topic but these doctors say thay have cured these things with iodine supplementation.

In Topic: Canker Sores

09 March 2012 - 05:44 PM

I have had canker sores ever since I was a little kid. Recently (past 6-9 wks) I have at least one if not several at a time. In doing some research on canker sores I have found that the is a connection with celiac disease. My other symptoms that could be related are abdominal pain and bloating, gas, fatigue, muscle aches, mental fog, depression, anxiety, sleep problems. I also have PCOS which can cause a lot of the same stomach and fatigue issues. I recently had my labs done and my CRP was 29! My Dr did not think much of it due to the fact that at that time I was eating way to many carbs for someone with PCOS. Long story short, has anyone else had issues with canker sores? I can not get back to the Dr until mid March and am trying to plan what I will address with him. Thanks for any input

Yes! I've had those little white canker sores since I was a kid too. I always thought it was from a herpes virus 'til just yesterday I read about them being tied to celiac. I would also get swollen lymph nodes just under my jaw on whatever side of my mouth had the sore. I always got them on my inner lip or gums. I thought I was just weird all these years with all the odd pains I sometimes get but now maybe I will have an answer. What other symptoms do you have, if any, that seemed weird to you until you linked them to celiac?

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