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In Topic: Horrible Symptoms Return After Years Of Feeling Well

18 March 2012 - 02:41 PM

I tried a ketogenic diet last week, and while I did seem to feel a bit more mentally "there", I felt pretty bad otherwise. Especially my heart. It felt like it was beating really forcefully. Not necessarily fast or slow, just a very hard pounding feeling all day long. I also felt feverish and could not sleep at all. Every time I make one symptom better it just seems to make another worse. Getting the following tomorrow:

Insulin, C-Peptide, Cortisol, ACTH, Aldosterone

Just shooting in the dark, but I have to keep trying. Going to ask my GP for a head and abdominal scan next time I see him.

In Topic: Horrible Symptoms Return After Years Of Feeling Well

16 March 2012 - 12:48 PM

I work at an office with my own desk. I have my own break room with my own refrigerator and microwave. I don't share anything with the other employees. I don't take any supplements. I've been taking a look again at reactive hypoglycemia because my symptoms seem to match pretty well. I've been taking my blood sugar 15 times a day and so far my average is 79, which is inside the normal values of 70-100 so I don't know if that helps. I have noticed that I seem to feel better when it is around 100 though. But that only happens for a short while right after eating, and only if I eat something with carbs. Then, within a few minutes of hitting that level it pluges right back down to the high 70's.

Even though it isn't really indicated by my blood sugar level, I'm going to order some blood tests for Monday. Insulin, C-peptide, am cortisol and acth. Maybe I'll get lucky and something will point to an insulinoma that produces just enough to make me feel bad or a pituitary/adrenal problem.

In Topic: Horrible Symptoms Return After Years Of Feeling Well

14 March 2012 - 06:00 PM

About 9 months after I started feeling bad I went on a restricted diet where I was absolutely 100% sure everything I ate was gluten, egg, soy, bean and dairy free. I prepared only raw ingredients and I only ate things which I had overseen from purchase to stomach. This lasted about 3 months. During this time I did not experience a lessening of any of my symptoms. I am very fastidious about everything being gluten free and I rarely eat out. I personally read the ingredients on everything that is prepared for me, even if I don't do the preparing. I am almost 100% certain that my symptoms are due to something else other than gluten. I did not take any supplements that could have been glutening me, and the only other thing I put in my mouth is my toothbrush. I've been using crest for years. I even switched to colgate and aquafresh to see if that would make a difference.

This is so frustrating. My 82 year old grandfather has more independence than I do. He is well enough to take out his camper by himself and go camping for a weekend alone. I don't feel well enough to go to the store alone.

Just on the random chance this would help anyone, I always seem to feel the worst at the same time of day. Every day around 4:30 I start feeling worse. My finger tips shrivel, and I start having trouble breathing. This lasts until about 8:00 pm at which time it gets a bit better. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest, I would say I feel about a 5 out of 10 for all other hours of the day and a 1 out of 10 from 4:30 to 8. I have thought that the 4:30 feeling bad time could be a correlation to the food I eat at lunch, but I've varied my diet and it doesn't matter. It could be a result of just food itself, but I'm not sure what condition would cause me to react so badly to food several hours later that isn't related to allergies.

I feel bad enough that I would gladly give everything I own for one week of feeling well.

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