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Horrible Symptoms Return After Years Of Feeling Well

10 March 2012 - 03:38 PM

I originally discovered I had celiac disease after reading about it on the internet in 2006. My main symptoms were brain fog, myscle twitches, cloudy urine, and severe constipation. For 4 years I felt fantastic. It was like a miracle and I was so happy to have my life back. Fast forward to 2010.

I start noticing that I'm becoming more constipated again. Then my urine becomes cloudy again. By this, I mean that when it hits the bowl, I can see tiny particles in the urine spreading out through the bowl. When I'm healthy, the mixture looks more homogenous and I can't identify particles. Next I start getting anxiety attacks and really bad brain fog. Now I've been getting worse and worse. I have all of these symptoms and more. My fingertips constantly look shriveled and I think I'm losing some of my sense of smell. I'm thirsty all of the time. One of my eyelids is swollen or just droopy all the time. I have brain fog almost all of the time, and I have to plan my sentences out before I start talking, otherwise I have to throw in several "uh..." pauses into them. The most crippling problems are the anxiety and the brain fog.

I was a highly intelligent person. I've become an idiot. It is breaking my heart because I have to be told how to do something several times before I catch on for even simple tasks. I'm a poor shadow of what I once was. I used to be into thrill seeking (scuba, skydiving, etc) and now I feel so bad I'm scared to even go to the store by myself.

If anyone has any ideas, I'll gladly listen. I've done so much testing and I never find out anything. I had an upper endo and coloscopy. Nothing found, no sign of celiac. Just a few red patches that looked like irritation. Doc said not a big deal. I got tested for delayed food sensitivities and eliminated all of the positive ones for two months and I didn't feel any better. Tested high for pinto beans, egg, milk, soy, red #40, and white fish. Then, I thought for sure it was hypothyroid since my symptoms match up so well, but my tsh is constantly at 3.0 and my free t4 is at the upper end of the range. My free t3 is mid range or higher. No thyroid antibodies. No big problems indicated there. I've had my cortisol tested and it was fine, albeit on the lower end of normal for the noon and afternoon readings. B12 seems good (upper 600's). No big red flags on my blood tests. Vitamind D is a bit low, but too much vitamin d makes my heart feel funny. My vitamin D 1,25 (calcitriol) always seems high. It does not have a reference interval so I can't be sure, but I've read that 1,25 is high in inflammatory diseases. Ferritin is just a bit high, cholesterol a tad high. Testosterone normal. No candida antibodies. I've tested my blood sugar and it's almost always at 89. A handful of times (out of maybe 50 tests) it was in the 120's and one time at 130. Nothing too alarming. Lowest I've seen it was 70. My A1C was right in the healthy range. Ruled out parathyroid disease.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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