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In Topic: Grill Basket?

18 June 2014 - 05:37 PM

i have tried a few different varieties - all relatively inexpensive.  i have seen/bought them at target, home depot, and other similar type stores.  


the first one i bought was stainless steel, and i found it terrible to try to clean.  at that point, i was marinating the veggies in salad dressing, so that might have been part of the problem.  


the most recent one that i got was this one (or something similar):


the two things i like about this one is that it is non-stick, so relatively easy to clean.  also, because it is round, there are no cracks/crevices for things to get stuck to.

not everyone likes non-stick, so this might not be good for everyone.  i have not had any issues with the coating on the inside of the bowl scratching, but the bottom does tend to scratch off - no food on that surface, so it doesn't concern me too much.


good luck!

In Topic: Contamination Anxiety- Help!

31 May 2014 - 06:56 AM

I was diagnosed 2+ years ago, with no complaints of digestive issues - I started seeing a naturopathic doctor for my seasonal allergies and dry eyes.  After a food sensitivity test, which I scored off the charts for gluten and wheat, a celiac blood panel was done and came back positive for celiac.


My first reaction was that I was glad to have an answer and that I was going to embrace this new diet and try lots of new foods.  After a few weeks on the diet and lots of reading, I found myself in a similar place to where it sounds like you are now.  I kept reading more, to try to gain more knowledge.  Some of it was helpful, and some just added to my being overwhelmed.


At some point, I decided to make a mental list of what I was going to do/avoid, and continue down my path.  For me it was to do all of the obvioius things - cleaned out the cupboard of gluten or contaminated items, new cutting boards, wooden spoons, plastic spoons.  I changed over my health/beauty products because I wasn't sure if I would know if I was reacting or not.  I also was very careful about reading ingredients - I still do not eat anything made on shared equipment (I can't say that I know this is an issue for me, but I have had no reason to test it out).  I started eating out with anything off a gluten-free menu - but that philosophy has changed over time.  


After 2 or 3 months, I hadn't had any issues, and was starting to wonder if I was really doing as well as I thought, or if maybe I was a silent celiac.  I went out to eat, and contemplated tasting one piece of pasta from my boyfriends plate (ok, i didn't really contemplate it, because i know it would be a bad idea, but the thought did briefly cross my mind).  that night i got home, and i felt terrible - tummy cramps, C then D, bloating/belching.  this went on for 4 days, and it was another 4 days before my digestive tract really got back to normal.  now i know what my symptoms are when I get glutened (less severe with less gluten, but the general symptoms are the same).  I had ordered off the gluten-free menu, but did not say it was an allergy - I have never gone back to that restaurant.


things that i have learned since then:

-cooking food in the pizza oven that has flour in the air does make my tummy unhappy (who knew they cooked the chicken wings in the same oven?? - i would not have ordered them i knew where they were cooked)

-my sister uses a new package of sugar for me (the canister is contaminated with flour from using the same measuring spoon - made me sick for a day before we figured out the source)

-restaurants take your gluten issues more seriously if you tell them it is an allergy (i know that it is not, but it is a word they understand and makes them take it seriously)

- one small (accidental) sip of gluten-beer will make me sick for a day


Each of these mistakes makes me realize how sensitive I am, and also helps me to communicate to others how serious it really is.  


It really does get better with time.  Don't expect that you will be 100% perfect from the start - do the best you can and learn from your mistakes.  


Good luck!

In Topic: I Gave Up Waiting For Insurance Approval...

31 May 2014 - 06:21 AM

i was a beer snob prior to diagnosis as well.  i gave up alcohol for the first year making exceptions once every month or two for special occasions.  now, i drink mostly wine or hard cider.  i have tried a few beers:

redbridge - i was not a fan of this

greens and glutenburg - i really like both of these.  even my boyfriend thought they tasted good (and he still drinks gluten-filled beer)

dog fish head - i wouldn't really call it a beer.  was interesting and fruity - more like a wine cooler.  a good change of pace, but not something i would want more than 1 at a time


pasta - i find i eat more pasta now than i ever did before going gluten-free.  in general, i find that i prefer the ones that are made from a blend of flours best.  however, i do like the tinkyada rice noodles in a soup.  i am not loyal to any brand - i pick whichever one has the shape that i am interested in at the time.  


good luck!

In Topic: New W/ Unexplained Symptoms....burping...questions?

20 April 2014 - 04:06 AM

I think the GFinDC's assessment makes perfect sense to me (though I have never thought about it in that level of detail).


Before going gluten-free, I could belch on command - on an empty stomach, after eating something (with or without gluten).  I also found that I would have to belch after eating - not always, and it definitely happened after eating something as benign as eggs and rice.


Now that I have been gluten-free for over 2 years, if I am accidentally glutened, the belching starts in again.  After eating anything, I belch.  The only way that I can describe it is like my insides feel inflamed and anything I eat just makes them uphappy - and I belch and get crampy.  The worse the glutening, the longer this lasts.  

In Topic: New W/ Unexplained Symptoms....burping...questions?

20 March 2014 - 07:42 AM

I did not have a lot of classic celiac symptoms prior to diagnoses, but for many years i have been able to belch with more depth and volume that a beer-guzzling college student (not calling names here, as i was once one of them).  and, i could do it just about any time of any day on command.  yup, pretty classy for a woman in her early 40's :)


now that i have been gluten-free for 2 years, i couldn't belch on a normal day if i tried.  if i am accidentally glutened, that is my first symptom - within 2 hours and am bloated and belching.  if it was a big enough glutening, this will last for days, and will be worst right after eating.  

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