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Member Since 16 Mar 2012
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#908924 Good Dark Beer?

Posted by on 14 March 2014 - 06:48 AM

I like Green's and Glutenburg.  Both make a few different varieties, and all have been tasty.  Even my boyfriend (who loves IPAs) would drink both of these.  

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#875604 Eating In New Orleans

Posted by on 20 June 2013 - 08:22 AM

Thanks pricklypear...


I ended up bringing a bunch of food that i knew i could eat (tuna pouches, PB, nuts mixes, KIND bars) and figured i would hope for the best.  i knew that i would be with a large group of cousins, and didn't want to be the 'whiner'. so, i went out and figured i would eat what i could, and know that i had stuff in my room if i needed it.


well, i had no issues at all!

we arrived in the afternoon, and i ate some tuna/nuts.  then we went out for a late dinner at the Renaissance hotel.  i asked the hostess if they had a gluten-free menu.  they did not, but the chef was happy to make me something (both gluten and dairy free).  he made me a delicious plate of zucchini, summer squash, fingerling potatoes, and onion - it was fantastic!.  then next morning i was able to grab some hard boiled eggs and fruit from the hotel breakfast bar.  for dinner the next night, we went to a restaurant in the french quarter.  they did not have a printed gluten-free menu, but they had a list of items that i could order (mostly grilled thing).  again, another delicious meal.  


i would definitely go back to NO, and not worry about food.  

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#870285 What Do You Miss The Most?

Posted by on 23 May 2013 - 08:11 AM

The thing I miss more than any food, is the ability to be able to eat anything without having to worry about it, and the freedom to not have to plan every meal/snack of every day.  

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#830669 A Freedom Diet? Im So Lost!

Posted by on 18 October 2012 - 08:15 AM

i began my journey in february (diagnosed with celiac, and trying new diet to improve seasonal allergies), and had to give up gluten/oats, dairy, yeast (which is in more things that you might realize, including anything with vinegar), yogurt, and oranges for two months. i completely understand how overwhelming this can be. i find that going back to the basics, and eating more whole foods makes things much easier. i have not had to deal with eliminating all grains, corn, and soy, so bear with me if some of these foods don't fit your needs...

in order to maintain fullness, i find that eating protein is super important! i have also found that it is nice to cook a lot of one meal over the weekend that i can use for lunch most of the week. this makes it so you don't HAVE to cook something big every night. if i don't have leftovers, i can make a lunch out of veggies and meat (gluten-free deli meat or tuna fish) - i don't like to have this all of the time, but it is good to have a fallback so you don't have to worry about always having to cook.

the other stuggle, is making sure you plan ahead. i always bring my lunch to work now, and if we are going to a social gathering, i need to make sure i have time to make something that i can eat to bring with us.

breakfast -
1. if you can eat quinoa or buckwheat, then you can cook them advance, and then prepare like you might oatmeal (and just warm in microwave each morning). i add almond milk, fruit (berries, apples w/cinnamon, pumpkin w/spices, etc), and ground flaxseeds. i sometimes add maple syrup as well, but not sure if you can have that.
[if you have a rice cooker, you can use it to make the quinoa while you are showering in the morning, so you don't have to set aside time to cook it]
2. eggs. by themselves, or make omelet or frittata with meat/veggies
3. leftovers

lunch/dinner -
1. instead of sandwiches, replace bread with lettuce and make wraps
2. i keep the meats simple, and season with spices (cayenne pepper is my favorite) and have been mostly cooking on the grill. i pair them with some veggies, and maybe some broiled potatoes with olive oil, onions, and garlic (these potatoes makes great leftovers with eggs for breakfast). i also make quinoa or buckwheat as a side sometimes.
3. homemade soups are easy to assemble, and then you just wait for them to cook. i use whatever veggies i have in house and usually add some beef.
4. a crockpot is also great for stews and roasts. again, you get everything cut up, and then just wait.

snacks -
1. hummus and veggies
2. nuts/seeds with fruit
3. chips - ok, i know that they are bad for me, but the way i look at it, if i am giving up everything else, i get to keep one vice :)
4. lara bars - mostly dates, nuts, and sometimes fruit. good snack to keep in your pocketbook for emergencies...
5. banana w/ peanut or almond butter
6. the "so delicious" brand makes ice cream from soy milk, but also has varieties made with coconut milk or almond milk. i prefer the almond milk, but they are all good. they also make coconut milk kefir, which is tasty and has probiotics...

there really are plenty of good things to eat - the big thing is going to be staying away from processed foods.
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#814379 Successful 1St Attempt At Baking

Posted by on 28 July 2012 - 11:25 AM

Today I tried my first attempt at gluten-free baking from scratch. I have been reluctant to try with all of the bad things I have heard about gluten-free flour (I realize that it has come a long way, so I had high hopes). I was able to substitute all-purpose gluten-free flour + xantham gum into my old recipe for double chocolate zucchini bread. I also substituted gluten/dairy free choc chips. Recipe can be found here:

The result was much better than I expected. It was a little less sweet than I remember - which is kind of a good thing. Overall, I would call it a success! Yay me!!

(I needed to share with someone, and most gluten-folks just wouldn't appreciate how exciting this is...)
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