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#783463 Afraid To Eat

Posted by on 27 March 2012 - 06:22 PM

It sounds like you're just barely gluten-free. You will still have some reactions while your gut is healing because the gluten isn't even out of your system. It took a couple weeks for my constant diarrhea to stop and I was still having GI problems off and on for a couple months. This isn't like flipping a switch. There is a lot of inflammation to settle down.

Don't be afraid to eat! Most people with celiac are not super-sensitive. It's good to avoid the dairy. Other than that, have meat, veggies, fruit, nuts, eggs, rice, potatoes, beans, and any specialty gluten-free goodies that look good at the store. Let the gluten-free diet do its work and be patient.

A lot of people with tender stomachs find that meat/vegetable stews are the easiest to digest and it's super-easy to make a pot of soup that's gluten-free. Do you have a favorite chicken soup recipe? :)

Thank you so much for your reply! Yes just barely gluten free almost a week or so I think, give or take some mistakes and mislabeling. My doctor doesn't recommend red meat or a lot of meat for family history so I can have chicken or fish on the light side, bought some gluten-free broth and rice so I could try that :) I guess the goodies are what I'm afraid of and breads and things... a whole lifetime of it bringing me to a severe immune reaction I think I will try them but wait a bit and just go slow. Fear of another severe reaction must be fueling this I think. I'm so glad everyone has been so supportive in helping me figure this out. I will try the soup! Thanks again. Much appreciated. :)
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#783459 Afraid To Eat

Posted by on 27 March 2012 - 06:16 PM

I know you are feeling scared because you find yourself having some inexplicable ( and possibly new? ) reactions to food, but the last thing you need is to become fearful of food. This will serve no purpose. You need nourishment and protein and drinking shakes will not give you enough of that.

You are not necessarily a super sensitive celiac. It is too soon for you to be worried about that. There is no chance you are being CCed, so it is not a gluten reaction you are having, correct?

That said, I can relate entirely to your feelings. At one point, no matter what I ate, I felt ill and my entire GI tract burned so much that even water was irritating. I started to balk at eating because it would either make me nauseous or come out one way or the other. :rolleyes:

....until that all stopped. :)

I know you are just beginning this journey. It is difficult to remain patient when you feel yucky, I know. Take probiotics and drink a lot of water. Avoid gut irritants like coffee, tea and soda, vinegars, citrus.

May I suggest that you stay simple for a few weeks?
Plain brown rice. Chicken. Beef patty. Veggies and fruits and nuts that you enjoy. Not sure why a sweet potato would bother you as it is not an allergenic food, (that I know of anyway) but maybe it just did not agree with you?

Please do not become fearful of eating. Everyone is different, so what works for one person (many say eggs are okay) may not be for another (eggs made me nauseous). In fact, eggs did that to me all of my life (baked in things okay; alone, ugh! :blink: ) and yet, NOW, I can eat eggs once and while and not feel lousy! (yaay!)

There is much to be said for healing, hon. But, this is a process that TAKES TIME. You're going to get there, too. Hang in there. :)

Thank you very much for your reply. I am past digestive upsets at this point as far as reactions as I am not having gluten. When I was getting gluten most recently though the reactions were so severe allergically they were hospital material, trouble breathing, severe itching, rashes, just horrific severe immune attacks on my body. The trouble I am having now is that even if it's not gluten (as in the sweet potato) I am having an allergic reaction. Not as severe as gluten but the itching is awful. I am staying away from it because I fear it is compromising my system's immune function and strength at this point. I am and have been so allergic to so many things for so long it's becoming scary. That is why I say I am afraid to eat. Never was I not able to eat a sweet potato. I made natural, vegetable fed chicken tonight, 4 oz. with spinach sauteed in some olive oil and I feel wonderful. Real food. No reaction. Before the severe allergic reactions to the gluten I would get the gastric symptoms too but intermittently. I gave up 95% dairy a year ago only having a tiny bit of hard cheese sprinkled on something or milk in tea once in a blue moon, or butter and now realize I react badly to it so that is now out. Very itchy. Eggs do not bother me so I don't know what think. Thank you for your advice and experience :) Sure helps a lot to hear... keeps me going for sure!! :) I will try what I can.
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#782421 New

Posted by on 22 March 2012 - 07:28 PM

Thank you Peter, it is nice to be here, and thank you for your quick and kind response. I was diagnosed one week ago, but have pretty much known for the three weeks since that major reaction. That surely is a long time to heal, although I am greatly relieved that I can... considering how long I've gone without being diagnosed.

The information you provided was very helpful to me. I can relax now knowing that these reactions aren't from gluten alone. It was quite alarming and stressful to say the least. This has been very helpful. Thanks very much once again. :)
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